Your Basic Jewelry Wardrobe

It is not unusual to plan a basic clothing wardrobe that takes you from day to evening and from casual to formal occasion and coordinates to extend the range of use of each piece. Jewelry is, of course a wonderful accessory to this wardrobe and your basic jewelry wardrobe needs some planning. Some of these pieces will be chosen to complement your basic wardrobe, others to fit within your own personal style and others to be up-to-date statement of fashion. When you buy pieces you will wear frequently, buy the best quality you can afford. In jewelry, quality shows and pays you back as a long-lasting asset to your wardrobe.


A classic gold or gold-filled chain is a lifetime investment that can be worn in many ways and for many years. When you chose a gold or gold-filled chain, be sure the clasp is strong, properly sized and of the same metal so it doesn’t change colors or wear out early. For a basic versatile chain, you can find a narrow box-clasp or push-release clasp that will allow you to use it for pendants with smaller bails. If you buy a 40 – 45 inch chain, it can be used as a long chain and doubled around to use as a two strand chain.

If a trendy layered look using different sizes, shapes and metals in your chains suits your style, a more inexpensive fashion jewelry option may be a good alternative. These chains can be used singly or in groups and either braided or twisted for a unique look.


While you probably can’t go wrong with post earrings in diamonds, pearls or gold balls, you may prefer another option. You might opt for a one inch simple or decorated hoop earring that is still conservative enough to wear nearly anywhere, but give you a little more movement and works within your own style. These earrings will be appropriate at a job interview, a wedding or a trip to the zoo. Many people wear earrings that are far too small. You will get a lot of mileage out of a good classic pair of earrings and wear them with a variety of outfits. If you want to wear some of the new cluster earrings, you might get a fashion jewelry pair and if you have problems with base metals and your ears, you can either wear them for a short time or put some non-allergenic ear wires on them.


Bracelets are a good accent with nearly any outfit. A chain in either silver or gold (or both) adds a little sparkle. A bangle bracelet is a classic, but if it is too big, it can make your work awkward. A cuff can be a stunning accessory when it is wide or a subtle accent if it is narrow. Layering your chain bracelets with cuff bracelets gives a more edgy look. An interesting artisan made bracelet can be a great addition to your jewelry wardrobe if it is in classic materials rather than faddish stone choices.

Pearls make a timeless statement of elegance, and these days cultured fresh water pearls are an affordable option to salt water pearls. A simple strand of pearls with pearl studs can be worn for formal and work occasions. The new floating pearls strung on a thin chain is a youthful but still elegant look. Fresh water pearls come in colors from traditional white to black, pink and other colors.

Matching jewelry sets can be a valuable addition to your jewelry wardrobe. Two matching pieces such as earrings and a bracelet or a necklace and earrings look great, but matching earrings, bracelet and ring is just too much.

Once you have your basic pieces, you can add more pieces that suit your style or pieces that suit the current trend to your jewelry wardrobe. You can mix and match your jewelry in a wide variety of ways to create your own look. Here is where you can live out your fantasy from a baroque princess to a flower child from the 60’s. Have fun, try new things and make a statement.

Kingfisher Designs

Louise Coulson contributes a strong sense of design, color and form to the team and Don uses his left-brain perspective to “make things work”. Together, they form the creative whole that has become Kingfisher Designs.

They are members of Craftsmen’s Guild of Mississippi, they are featured along with 39 other craftsmen in the 40th Anniversary of the Guild book, I am a craftsman: 40 at 40. These award winning artists exhibit at the National Ornamental Metals Museum, and have been invited to show in two International Exhibitions, A Holding Place: a Repository of Containers and Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder. They are 2 time finalists for The Crafts Report cover.

Their functional and ornamental metal work centers around hammers and fire creating hollowware, flatware and jewelry inspired by creativity, craftsmanship and passion.

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