Skirt, is only belonging to women?


As is well known,Skirt, is only belonging to women? Articles woman is the master of skirt, skirt is belonging to women. Skirt can not leave women, while women can not leave skirt. Without women, skirt, especiallyHerve Leger dressesseems empty. While without skirt, women can not show their beautiful legs, there perfect figure. Skirt and women seems a twin flower, no one who can do without.

 However, whether have you created such idea: What will happen if men wear skirt, wear Herve Legerclothing? Would you be surprised when you see such condition? May be your answer is ‘Yes’. Of course, may be your answer is ‘No’.

  If your answer is yes, you must consider it is amazing if a man put on a skirt. While, if your answer is no, you must consider it is quite usual. Men have already put on high-heeled shoes bravely. Don’t to mention wear skirt. It is nothing to be surprised about.

  In my opinion, we need not to make a fuss if a man wears a skirt appearing in front in your eyes. It is natural. Skirt is not only the love of women, but also popular among some men. In our life, men who wear high-heeled shoes, take Hermes bag, putting on skirt are seen at any place, street, super market or restaurant. May be such men are right beside you.

  It is their freedom no matter what clothing they wear, what shoes they put on, what bags they take. May be they love skirt, high-heeled shoe very much as the most of women. May be they just want to attract people’s attention, hoping themselves can be noticed by the photographer of clothing magazine, dreaming themselves can turn into a famous person. Even they just want to challenge their utmost limit and do the unexpected thing.

  Actually, no matter what the reason is, men are able to wear skirts. Nobody can prevent them so long as they love to wear skirts. Don’t consider you have met a madman just because he wears skirt, put on a high-heeled shoe. Women can wear high-heeled shoes, Herve Leger skirt, why not man can do?

  Skirt is not only the women’s best love, but also is the love of men. Men have their own pursuit, such as love skirts, love high-heeled shoes even though you could not accept!

  In a world, wearing skirt is not only the patent of women in such world.

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