Wang Chen Tsai-Hsia, the Coco Chanel of the Orient


Wang Chen Tsai-Hsia, who has her own fashion brand named SHIATZY CHEN which is known in the world stage, is a tenacious woman with great talent. We can say that her legend career can be comparable to the French woman Coco Chanel one hundred years ago. 

As a pioneer of Chinese fashion brand towards the world stage,Wang Chen Tsai-Hsia, the Coco Chanel of the Orient  Articles the success of SHIATZY CHEN can’t do without Wang Chen Tsai-Hsia’s aesthetic inspiration and innovative design style. She is tenacious and brilliant, but her life is full of setbacks. Yes, she can be comparable to Coco Chanel.  

The poor background makes Wang Chen Tsai-Hsia soft but strong. The persistent love to the Chinese culture is the support for her to create Fashion Empire. In 1978, based on the design idea of adhering to the Chinese culture and creating new fashion, Wang Chen Tsai-Hsia and her husband founded SHIATZY CHEN in Taipei. She read a large number of books about Chinese culture and wanted to continue the classical Chinese aesthetics which has condensed for thousands of years in her fashion design such as the jade beadsin the clothes, because China has a long history of jade culture. Studying hard and encouraging self is her secret of success as the manager. Once she managed the tailor shop, she worked more than 12 hours one day with proficient skill.  In order to keep pace with the times, she went to Paris and experienced the fashion there, and learnt much about the fashion business from the European classical brands.

In 1984, she met the fashion show of Hanae Mori. Hanae Mori is the ancestor of Japanese fashion brands. She has got praise from French fashion industry in 1977 and became the first Japanese designer to enter the French market. In order to experience the masters demeanors, Wang Chen Tsai-Hsia tried her best to get the admission ticket. Once she entered the show, what made her surprised was not the latest fashion of Hanae Mori, but there were so many fashion celebrities who attended the fashion show with the clothes Hanae Mori designed. It was the first time she saw the clothing standard abroad and experienced the respect as an original designer. This show inspired Wang Chen Tsai-Hsia that it is important to create brand value. So she decided to go her own way with her lifetime. While on this year, she was 33 years old.

In 1990, she founded her own studio in Paris. In 2001, SHIATZY CHEN set up a shop in Paris, and became the first Taiwan fashion brand to enter the European market.

Now, SHIATZY CHEN has shops in Taipei, Hong Kong, and Paris. After 30 years of unremitting efforts, her career is successful and she has got recognition from all over the world. SHIATZY CHEN has become the Chinese fashion brand that twinkles in Paris Fashion Show. It has participated in conference for five times so far and be the first full member of French Fashion Industry Association among the Chinese brands. However, she has emotional problems with his husband and lots of news about them on the TV and newspapers. When faced with life and career partner’s betrayal, she supported her fashion empire tirelessly and told people that there is no difficulty she cannot overcome.

Her designs have strong and distinct Chinese flavor; classical jade, China’s traditional folk shadow play and other elements are her creation theme. On the selection of fabrics, she prefer glitter silk and satin, large decorative pattern and other materials with traditional aesthetics, so make her design remarkable and colorful. Her designs make an impression in Europe which gathers a large number of luxury brands.

One hundred years ago, Chanel’s emergence has defined the elegant of French women. However, Wang Chen Tsai-Hsia said, she need to improve the competitiveness of her brand if compete with western classical brands. In the future, she will try her best to improve the oriental fashion. We eagerly look forward to the great brand known in the whole world.

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