Wrinkle Creams with Matrixyl Peptides Vs. Lifecell


Wrinkle creams that include Matrixyl peptides have become quite popular recently,Guest Posting and they do have a lot to offer. However, are they the right choice for your anti-aging needs? Here is a closer look at Matrixyl peptides, information on how they work, as well as a comparison of these creams to the products LifeCell has to offer.Matrixyl – What is It?

Matrixyl happens to be a trademark name for the peptide, palmitoyl pentapeptide-3. This peptide is extremely powerful and is being used in many of the new, high-end wrinkle creams on the market. Specifically, this peptide is a lipopeptide, which is a mixture of amino acids and a fatty acid. Micro-collagen is considered the active element found in Matrixyl and Micro-collagen is yet another peptide.

How it Works

Studies looking for substances that would help speed up the healing of wounds in the skin led to the discovery of Matrixyl. This peptide works in much the same way as copper peptides work, helping to stimulate the skin’s lower levels so they are able to heal themselves. This results in skin wounds healing much faster. Both fibronectin and collagen are stimulated by this peptide. When this stimulation occurs, the skin begins to produce collagen. The reduction in collagen production leads to many of the signs of aging, so increasing the production of collagen with Matrixyl can definitely provide anti-aging results.

Are Wrinkle Creams with Matrixyl Effective?

Clinical studies have been done on wrinkle creams containing Matrixyl and they have been shown to be effective. Those studies showed that collagen synthesis was increased, as well as hyaluronic synthesis. Over time, individuals using the creams containing this ingredient saw wrinkles reduced by about 50%. However, it is important to note that the results individuals experienced when using anti-aging products containing this peptide were not immediate. The ingredient shows wonderful long-term promise for skin rejuvenation, but in the short term, those looking for faster results from a high dollar wrinkle cream may be disappointed.

LifeCell Wrinkle Cream

LifeCell anti-aging products work to eliminate the signs of aging in a very different way than products containing Matrixyl. The products from LifeCell offer a two part approach to aging skin. First, these products include a special light reflecting microtechnology, which reflects light from the surface of the skin. This reflection eliminates shadows, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and lines. The benefit of this incredible light reflecting microtechnology is that it provides fast results. Simply apply the product and within a few seconds, lines and wrinkles seem to disappear from your skin.

Second, LifeCell products also include a variety of all natural ingredients that are proven to provide excellent results. Some of the ingredients in the cream include Glycosaminoglycans, collagen, CoQ10 and elastin. The combination of proven, all-natural ingredients works to provide long-term anti-aging results as well. While the light reflecting technology helps to make wrinkles and lines vanish within seconds, the natural ingredients included in these products actually work to correct the signs of aging over time. This provides users with short term and long-term results.Comparing Matrixyl and LifeCell

When comparing wrinkle creams with Matrixyl peptides to the anti-aging product offered by LifeCell, you will quickly find that both products do provide results. Those with Matrixyl in them do provide long-term results, according to clinical trials. These products definitely show a lot of promise. On the other hand, LifeCell products provide short term and long-term results. Instead of having to wait for weeks at a time to see improvement, these products provide you with results in just a few short seconds. Simply apply the cream and watch the fine lines and wrinkles seem to disappear into thin air. This makes LifeCell the perfect option for those who need to see anti-aging results quickly.

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