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Congratulations are in order! You or someone you love is about to get married! Your wedding night is very special, and you’ll always cherish the memories. That’s why many brides-to-be purchase wedding lingerie in the UK or abroad. It can be soft and romantic or sexy and erotic. It’s all up to you. You might even want to get one of each. After all, you’ve got a whole honeymoon to think of!

Sexy bridal lingerie isn’t just sexy; it’s also a lot of fun. This type of sexy lingerie draws inspiration from elements of traditional wedding attire. Sexy bridal lingerie is white and lacey, evocative of wedding dresses, yet anything but prim and proper.

You can find thongs that feature a gathered, sheer train down the back. Short or long, it comes in both styles. And there’s a wide assortment of sassy veils to choose from.

You can opt for a bridal lingerie set of a matching bra and panties, which, of course, come in thong and g-string styles as well. There are also short little dresses, corsets, and teddies to choose from. Select the style that’s right for the look you want to achieve. Are you going for erotic lingerie with a bridal touch? Or do you want to indulge in fantasy-type lingerie?

It’s tradition to throw your garter to the bachelors during your reception. But you’ll want an extra garter for the honeymoon! You’ll have no trouble finding a sexy garter to match your wedding lingerie.

Erotic lingerie is a perfect gift for ‘hen’ parties. It’s a night for the bride-to-be, and her closest girlfriends, to walk on the wild side. So save the sexy lingerie gifts for your girls-night out. It’s probably not something mom wants to see her daughter open at the bridal shower!

Bridal underwear is particularly fun. How about a pair of panties that says “just married” or “The Mrs.” on the back? Maybe you could get the hubby to wear a matching pair! You can often find a matching tank top. These sets make cute and comfy pajamas. Of course, for something less kitschy, you can buy bridal underwear embellished with diamonds and lace.

Perhaps you’re searching for bridal lingerie uk because you want elegant bridal lingerie, something enchanting and graceful. One popular type of elegant bridal lingerie is a long, flowing nightgown. They tend to be white, cream, or a pale pastel. These bridal nightgowns are made from very feminine fabrics, such as satin and chiffon. They’re simple yet lovely. You’ll feel like you’re floating across the room.

For winter weddings, you can find elegant bridal lingerie with long sleeves. These sleeved-gowns are stunningly beautiful and provide a little extra warmth. You can also purchase a bridal lingerie set that comes with a matching robe.

Even your jammies should be especially pretty on your wedding night. A bridal lingerie set of a satin camisole and shorts will be just right. Short satin nightgowns are also pretty yet cool and comfortable.

Don’t forget, the romance of wedding lingerie is just right for anniversaries. You can relive the excitement of your first night as husband and wife.

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