Choosing the Correct Colour: The Dos and Don’ts of Donning DD+ Bras


If your big boobs are bringing you down, you’re not alone. According to a 2011 body image survey, 67 percent of women admitted to being unhappy with their cup size, with the average British breast ranging between a 36C and 34E. Last year, more than 5,000 women even resorted to surgery to combat their curves. However, there are also less drastic alternatives to slimming down your shape.

We all know you can flatten your figure the old-fashioned way with several slimming styles of DD+ bras to choose from, but concentrating on the colour is another crucial factor for the curvaceous to consider. Whether you buy your lingerie online or from the high street, swapping your shade of bra could be all you need to help your assets appear smaller.


Boost your confidence in the bedroom by sporting a sultry black bra. Not only is the colour classy, but it provides coverage that can conceal part of your chest. It’s also apparently the colour of underwear that men find the sexiest, so you can’t go wrong.

Although the classic black can’t be topped when it comes to reducing your rack, there are other dark DD+ bras that can allude to a slimmer shape. Rich shades such as navy, purple and maroon can be very figure flattering as can petroleum hues including slate and charcoal grey, emerald green and aubergine.

Another means of minimising your breasts is paying attention to the patterns on the bra. Small patterns are the kindest to the voluptuous as they detract from your curves, helping them seem smaller. However, large designs can have the opposite effect and are generally unfavourable for full-figured females. The bra’s texture is also an essential element to keep in mind. Lace and satin can bare all, whereas opting for a matte material will decrease any surplus saggage.


It can be tempting to don a daring tone when trying to rev-up the romance, but the big-breasted should stay clear of flashy numbers. Bright colours like scarlet red, tangerine, peach and canary yellow can draw extra attention to your busty bosom and make it look larger.

Be sure to avoid nude tones too. Although ivory, tan, cream and beige are all popular picks this season, it’s important to remember that these colours reflect more light than darker tones, which will make your curves appear reasonably rounder.

Finally, white won’t do you any favours either so fight the urge to snap up this shade of innocence. The colour not only washes out most skin tones, but it can also be devilishly revealing and often see-through, exposing more than it compliments – so consider yourself warned!

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