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The variety of styles and materials makes it difficult for customers or buyers to pick which one they like, as there is a number of really good corset designs available on boutiques online. So many that it will take you a long time to decide which one to purchase. Of course, every buyer’s main concern is finding the best corset for their fit. There are under bust corsets that are referred to as original, there are corselets and there are under bust corsets.

The first one, known as original corset is actually not in anyway related to the original garment worn of old time. The classic garment worn hundred of years ago weren’t comfortable and made out of good materials or fabric. The material and its design selections are definitely not in anyway alike. The function of original corsets and classic garment were almost similar but other than that the two has nothing alike. In old times, the corset is used for medical purposes and the purpose is to support spine and avoid possibilities of the spine to curve. As original corsets nowadays are more stylish and made up of good a soft fabric that is comfortable to wear. For those having back problems and pain due to improper body posture, using plus size original corsets will help you ease your burden.

What is the difference between original corsets and corselets? Corselet corsets help a woman look thinner and this corset type has support straps that the corset lacks. It has three good advantages, making you look thinner, helps you maintain a good proper posture and support your back in the process. Plus size under bust corset gives you a slimmer visual than a corselet inner gown. However, most corsets nowadays are designed to make you look thinner, so whichever type of corset you choose will be fine. You can check for good affordable plus size corsets on dedicated boutique shops on corsets for full figured women.

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