Elle Macpherson Intimates Nursing Bras – Don’t Sacrifice Styling For Useful Features – Get Both!

Elle Macpherson Intimates offers a whole collection of nursing and maternity bras that combine sexy and practical. They offer expectant and recent mothers a new way to feel beautiful, while they get all the practical features they want. This line of maternity and nursing bras never sacrifices superb styling for useful features.

For moms, support is paramount. Ease of use is essential, as well. But no one wants to give up fashion to get them. Why should you? With the Elle Macpherson Intimates line, you don’t have to. Pardon the pun, but Elle delivers everything you want: style, practicality, and great wear.

The Elle Macpherson Eternelle Nursing Bra is a superb example of that seamless blend. This model is quite simply sexy. A pretty bra has been transformed, thanks to stylish mesh with a flocked spot and seam design. The ultra-feminine lace A frame simply couldn’t be lovelier. Yet, the Macpherson Eternelle still has all the practical benefits you need.

The contrast cotton lining offers complete comfort. Plastic drop clasps make it ultra-easy to act quickly when you need to with no fumbling. You won’t have to worry about pinching. You’ll never experience a hassle with this design. Isn’t that what every mother is looking for in a nursing bra?

A mother herself, supermodel Elle Macpherson understands the desire for fashion styling and practical features. She delivers with the Elle Macpherson Maternelle Nursing Bra. This non-underwired drop cup bra is more than just a fine piece of stylish lingerie; it’s also a highly practical garment. Fortunate moms get both aspects, and seamlessly blended.

The garment is made of 62% Polyester, 30% Cotton, and 8% Elastane. Those modern materials provide all the benefits you need: comfort, durability, flexibility, and more. Thanks to lined and laminated molded cups, you also get full support. This innovative bra design is a favorite among nursing mothers for good reason.

But the Elle Macpherson Maternelle Bra is also one sexy piece of lingerie. It starts with black sheen that looks great in the boudoir. But perhaps black is not your color. Rest easy. Select the lilac, pink, or white. Whatever your preferred color, you get the same stylish bra. The bottom border shapes to you, so you don’t have to shape to it. You get that same beautiful lace pattern across the cleavage.

The Elle Macpherson La Mere Nursing Bra evokes the symbol of maternity and motherhood: the sea. In French, the two words – mère and mer – are similar for good reason. And, like its namesake, this model is both lovely and practical. This design lets you look beautiful while you get life-giving practical features.

Scalloped lace borders surround a sexy piece of lingerie, while a charming little ribbon bow at the center provides the perfect finishing touch. Between them, you get a bra made of 70% Polyamide, 20% Viscose and 10% Lycra for supreme comfort, wear, and flex. Not least of the useful features is a quick, easy release clasp. Style and function, perfectly combined.

Discover the innovative line of Elle MacPherson Intimates nursing bras [http://www.ellemacphersonbras.co.uk/elle-macpherson-nursing-bras.php]. Mothers everywhere rejoice.

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