Feel Naughty in Stockings and Suspenders


In an age of sloppy, lazy styles and trends following the path of least resistance, men wearing hooded sweatshirts and women sporting unwashed messy buns have become the norm to an almost detrimental extent. “Dressing up,” as for a date, can mean no more than wearing darker, newer denim, and donning a cotton top with a few more sequins than the others in the wearer’s wardrobe. While most lovers see nothing wrong with this recent recalibration of dress standards, adopting some older, more formal styles could hearken back to a bygone age full of suspense and romance, and by proxy, infuse some suspense and romance into their own relationships.

The Forties and Fifties, for example, were times when some of the world’s greatest romantic movies were filmed, and when film noir, with its wryly dashing heroes and helpless beauties in need of avenging, ruled the taste of the day. Each sex was much more of a wonderful mystery to the other, and all the little trappings and touches that went into a man’s or a woman’s dress only contributed to this impression. Adopting some of these little touches, such as seamed silk stockings on a woman and shirtsleeves and braces on a man, can bring the mystery back into a relationship that could greatly benefit from it.

This rule of thumb can go both ways. A woman wearing a pair of suspenders and silk stockings, especially those classics with a long seam running up the back, conjures a feel of vintage pinup models such as the fabled and fabulous Bettie Page. Few are the men who would not take pleasure in heading out for an evening on the town with the women they love, who have taken pains to make themselves beautiful just for their lovers. As the evening draws to a close, both parties may find themselves thinking about what lies behind closed doors–and what, exactly, lies behind the mystery.

Ladies, desirable though your man is, just imagine the difference that a crisp white shirt, a pair of braces, and perhaps even the jaunt of a felt fedora could make; add the devil-may-care attitude, razor-sharp delivery, and confident swagger of a Humphrey Bogart, and you begin to feel as though a grand caper may just be right around the corner. This is not far from the truth: ironically, the more clothes a man has on, the more intrigued a woman becomes about what is under them–and the more eager she becomes to find out!

Playing dress-up with your partner is by no means limited to an evening out. The romance can be kindled right at home, in front of your own fireplace, to the sultry, swinging tones of a big-band hit. Perhaps you have your own ideas for a romantic evening in. Either way, there are few things more titillating than seeing someone familiar in a whole new light, and adding a touch of class to your wardrobe can be a very effective way to do just that.

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