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As the name suggests, fine lingerie is made up of soft, thin, delicate and smooth luxury fabrics such as silk, lace and satin. These are considered the top most products of lingerie industry and are highly demanded by every woman. Fine lingerie can tremendously enhance the sex appeal of a woman. Most women prefer them for special occasions such as marriage, honeymoon, birthday, anniversaries, and pleasure outings. As fine lingerie can allow skin breathing, they are suitable for summer conditions also.

Fine lingerie offer class, sophistication and luxury. As they are made from quality skin-friendly fabrics, they are always comfortable and stylish. Fine lingerie is often considered as works of art by those who make them and wear them. The cuts, small shape changes and other minute details make them wonderfully attractive. Most fine lingerie pieces are handmade.

Designers have produced fine lingerie of many colors, styles and sizes. Fine lingerie can be available in almost all styles such as baby doll lingerie, bustier corset, bridal and see through. They are available in normal to extra large or plus sizes, which make them a happy choice for everyone.

One disadvantage with fine lingerie is that they need much more attention than other lingerie. For most fine lingerie, you can’t resort to machine wash. As they are made of delicate materials, they are more prone to discoloration, tear and other damages. Therefore, it is important to buy only quality lingerie from quality brands.

Most fine lingerie, especially silk and lace lingerie, available in the US are imported from European countries such as France, Italy and Spain. You can also purchase them from online stores, which generally offer low prices, as their operating cost is much less. The price of fine lingerie mainly depends upon the fabric, style and embellishments, usually around or above $60.

Some famous fine lingerie brands available in the United States are Eileen West, Bed Head of LA, Allegence, Simple Pleasures, Dreamsacks, Kirat, Cuddl Duds, Elita, Empire, Felina, Foundation Garments, Hanro, Gossard, Magic Silk, Linda Hartman, Mystique, Soulmate, Tatiana, and Robes & Slippers.

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