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There are many dresses and occasions that call for wearing either a backless or a strapless bra. A formal evening function or a ladies night out with your friends, a form fitting backless dress always turns heads.

These are dresses in which your shoulders and the top parts of the back are bare. Regular bras have straps and belts over the shoulders, which will show up with these dresses and they just don’t go with them and makes you look tacky. Although you might not care about the strap that peeps out, a peeping bra looks uncouth. The backless dress is an ode to your body and its purpose is to highlight your natural shape. To enhance your beautiful figure in a backless dress, a strapless fitting bra is the call of the day. A clunky bra strap has no place on such a back. There are bras specially designed to be worn with such dresses, this category of bras is called the backless, strapless bra.

It’s important that you wear the right sized backless bra to go with your backless dress which is important for your posture. An ill fitting bra will only make you uncomfortable – whether it’s too tight or too loose. The right sized bra has to have a perfect chest and cup size to give you an elegant look. If you are wearing bigger cup then it may look crumpled and wrinkled under your dress; while a smaller one would compress your breasts and they may bulge out from the sides giving you an imperfect look. It’s important that you don’t stick to one size as it changes with time and age. Therefore, if you feel uncomfortable in your present time, then probably it’s about time to hunt for a different and more apt size.

Your new bra, dress and body work as a team in making you look attractive and confident. It is best to be careful about your underwear choice while wearing a dress that reveals a large portion of your back or shoulders. The right time to think about the bra is during the purchase of the dress – its lines, colour and cut are important factors for consideration. The lines of the bra need to be concealed under the dress. The bra should be able to provide ample support to your breasts so that they don’t look soggy under the beautiful dress.The colour of the dress as always plays a part in selecting the colour of the bra. The bra will influence the fall and the lines of the dress. It needs to fit underneath the dress – it can’t peep out and it shouldn’t be too tight. Since the bra and the dress are both contributing to the appearance, the margin for error is small. A carefully selected bra can make your dress look much better. At the same time, a bra with the wrong colour, fit or size will spoil the expensive dress it is worn with.

These bras have special moulded cups for comfort, shape and lift. The underwire ensures that there is no sagging and the shape and lift are maintained. The fit is important and any slackening or otherwise of the bra is not going to help. Care needs to be taken while washing and drying such a bra. Read the wash care instructions well. Remember – almost every bra is different.

Backless bra is a must have, especially during the summer months when backless dresses or bare shoulder tops are more desirable. So, give yourself a stunning look and go strapless.

There you have it – your bra, dress and your body teaming up with your persona to give you a winning look.

The author Kelly Smith writes about backless or a strapless bra shopping in India. The author has provided information about strapless bra shopping for products of different sizes and designs.

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