Lingerie Nowadays

The Lingerie industry has so developed till today that it has emerged as a whole new world of fashion in itself. Its global presence has given it wings to spread. In every part of the world, lingerie sellers and buyers can be found.

It has constructed its base from the ancient times of purposive clothing and reflecting all its features. In ancient times, the corsets were worn to mold and shape the body for aesthetic and medical purposes. However, in modern times it is being used in a all new different idea of lingerie having a sexual appeal.

Lingerie is being manufactured for both men and women but its major portion deals only with women lingerie like babydolls, camisoles, chemises etc. These have given a new stunning look to a woman. Lingerie displays the exact body shape and molds it at inflection points (i.e. bust, waist and hips).

Lingerie is not just manufactured and sold but it has an art in it. It is associated with amazing themes, innovative and erotic designs, rich-looking and skin-friendly fabrics, crazy color combinations and add-ons like laces, meshes, prints, embroidery etc.

It is a series of sexy clothing to fulfil all the wildest desires of a woman. It allows her to show endless love and get admired. It unhides the hidden femininity and gives her a sense of fulfilment.

The remaining portion is completed by men lingerie. It also has a new way of expressing inner feelings for men and elicits woman’s nurturant feelings.

All we can say is “A gateway to a world of oomph is one word – Lingerie“.

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