Lingerie Shopping – Are You A French Knickers Girl?

Most women enjoy lingerie shopping. Buying quality undergarments that look sexy can make them feel good about themselves. It will also please their partners.

Although there is a wide variety of intimate apparel available in local lingerie boutiques and online shops, certain pieces are only bought for special occasions. Generally, women will not wear a sexy garter belt every day, nor will they walk around with a lacy corset when they are doing laundry or feeding the kids. Nonetheless, they will probably wear a bra and briefs.

There are many models and designs of briefs to choose from. The following list will include some of the most common types sold in lingerie shops today.

• Full briefs – The top of these panties is higher and rests on the waist. They are not as sexy as French knickers, but quite comfortable.

• High cut panties – Also known as French cut, these briefs are designed in such a way that they reveal more of the top of the thigh. They are rather sexy, as they enhance and accentuate the apparent length of the wearer’s legs

• Boy leg briefs – Unlike the high cut panties, the legs of these underpants are longer to create the appearance of a pair of tight-fitting boy shorts. These briefs are often made in sheer or lacy material.

• French knickers – These women’s wide-legged underpants are worn from the hips. Some French knickers have a loose fit, and may even look like boxer shorts. They are often made of satin and silk, and are finished with a lace trim.

• Bikini panties – These undergarments ride low on the hips like bikini briefs. Although some designers may create variations, bikini panties generally have a full back.

• Thongs- Quite popular, thongs mainly consist of a waistband and a small triangle connected by a narrow strip of material to the rear – often little more than a string. Thongs or tangas are often worn underneath tight-fitting trousers or pants as they do not leave any marks or panty lines.

• G-String – This is a derivation of the thong, and refers to a small loincloth, which is supported by a waistband. G-strings are often worn with seductive corsets and other sexy lingerie.

• Open crotch panties – For obvious reasons, crotchless underwear is considered bedroom wear. No further explanation is necessary.

Any woman shopping for lingerie should know her size. This is even more important when shopping on the Internet. Although most online lingerie suppliers will accept returns of French knickers, briefs, thongs, and other unworn intimate apparel still in their original packaging, the hassle can be avoided by selecting the right size in the first place.

Most websites will list measuring guides and instructions, and will offer further fitting instructions by their customer service department through email. Their staff can also provide customers with more details about the materials used in the production of the undergarments, the manufacturers of the apparel, their washing instructions, as well as any other detail important to shoppers. With all these options at hand, it should be easy for any woman to buy lingerie online that fits snug like a glove and makes her feel like a sex goddess!

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