Mens Girdles Product Review – Zip-N-Trim Support Brief With 6-Inch Powerband

Underworks Zip-N-Trim Support Brief Girdle Product Review
Underworks is one of the retailers offering solutions for men who want to trim a few inches off of their waists with men’s girdles and male shapewear. Why might men want to wear girdles? The same reasons as anyone – for back support, improved posture, and improved self-esteem through presenting to the world a leaner, slimmer physique, especially for special occasions.

Underworks Zip-N-Trim Support Brief Girdle Features
The Zip-N-Trim Support Brief Girdle is available for purchase directly on the Underworks website or other discount retailers such as Amazon. This product features powerband technology that rises 6 inches above the navel for additional back support and tummy control. The product description promises that the support brief girdle is invisible underneath clothing and is designed to remove unsightly bulges from the midsection. It also features a front zipper design for easy removal. Does this product deliver on its promises?

Does this girdle work as advertised for stomach control?
There are quite a few consumer reviews on Amazon for the Zip-N-Trim Support Brief Girdle. The overwhelming majority of consumer reviews are favorable for this product – with over half rating this girdle either 4 or 5 out of 5 stars. So it appears that the overall consensus is that, yes, the Zip-N-Trim Support Brief does provide extra stomach control.

As expected, there were several dissenters who disagreed on a superior rating. One of the favorable reviews indicated that the product works great, but isn’t long lasting. After several months of wear, the elastic is beginning to wear down. However, the product review also mentions that he has been wearing this girdle every single day for months on end! I don’t know about you, but if you wear the same pair of underwear for 6 months, why wouldn’t you expect wear and tear? A simple solution may be to purchase several of these men’s girdles and rotate them out as wear is experienced. Even still with the wear and tear, the product review suggests that it still does its job of keeping the stomach under control as advertised.

Other unfavorable comments relate to the zipper. Although the zipper is advertised to facilitate easy on and off, consumers state that the zipper is pretty much useless. You will have to slip the girdle off and on rather than zip yourself into the male shapewear garment. And so there is no great advantage of the zipper vs. other zipperless support brief girdles.

Another point of contention with the Zip-N-Trim Support Brief is one consumer’s noted tendency for the 6-inch powerband to roll downwards throughout the course of the day. This review conjures up images of having the constantly adjust the support brief throughout the day – for what is supposed to be an “invisible” product. However, take this review with a grain of salt, as no other reviews mentioned the same issue.

Overall Product Review for Zip-N-Trim Support Brief Girdle:
The overwhelming majority of men who purchased and tried the Zip-N-Trim Support Brief Girdle posted exceedingly favorable reviews. One consumer review noted that the men’s girdle was perfect for special occasions. The reasons for purchasing the male girdle were varied from simply wanting to take off a few inches to offering additional back support. Regardless, most customers were indeed satisfied. For a small investment of approximately $30, chances are that you will be a satisfied customer too! What else do you have to lose besides a few extra inches around your belly?

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