The Bare Necessities of Lingerie

Do you have the right underwear for every occasion? You may not think lingerie is a critical element of your wardrobe, but actually it is. Lingerie is every bit as important as clothes.

Have you ever bought a new dress, only to try it on and realize you didn’t own the right bra or shapewear to wear underneath it?

You can prevent wardrobe emergencies by planning ahead. Stock your lingerie drawers with all the bare necessities you need to look perfect and appropriate – during the day and at night.

Lingerie items are our foundational garments: They are the bare necessities of our wardrobe. Before we put our clothes on, we must choose the right lingerie.

If we don’t plan our lingerie wardrobe carefully, we’ll end up with panty lines, panty peek and visible bra lines. Our bra straps will show when they’re not supposed to. We’ll look too chesty or we’ll need more cleavage.

So what lingerie do we need to have in our drawers? Here are the bare necessities.


Your bare necessities lingerie wardrobe should include bras for many different types of clothes. For instance, backless and one-shoulder tops and dresses are very fashionable today. But how do you wear a bra with these clothes?

There are several options. Consider purchasing a convertible bra, which features convertible shoulder straps that may be worn in different styles such as crossback, halter, one-shoulder, strapless and classic.

Another option would be to purchase a bra with a clear plastic back strap. There are also bras that are completely backless; usually these bras adhere to your sides with adhesive.

Every bare necessities lingerie wardrobe needs at least one push-up bra for those time when you want to show some cleavage.

Alternately, if you are a full-busted or full-figure woman, you need at least one minimizer bra, which can reduce the size of your breasts more than one inch.

If you’re wearing a t-shirt, you’ll need to wear a contour bra (also called a t-shirt bra). A contour bra has cups that shaped with a foam to prevent nipple show-through.

Your bare necessities wardrobe should contain at least three everyday basic bras. The key feature to focus on is comfort. You will naturally reach for your most comfortable bra every morning anyway.

If you’re physically active, you’ll need several sports bras to prevent breast bounce, which causes sagging.


If your panties don’t fit right, you’ll spend the entire day wishing you could just take them off. So, invest in comfortable panties!

Also, after many washings, panties lose their shape. So, consider buying new panties every few months or so.

For your bare necessities lingerie wardrobe, you should probably own at least one or two of the most popular panty styles: bikinis, boyshorts, thongs and briefs.

The bikini style of panty is one of the most popular. However, boyshorts are quickly becoming the emerging panty silhouette. A boyshort is similar in appearance to men’s underwear, with wide sides that usually cover the top portion of the thighs.

Of course, you know what a thong is. Much-loved by men, the thong’s advantage is that it allows you to have minimal panty lines. The disadvantage is they are not as comfortable as a brief, bikini or boyshort.

You may also want to have a few briefs in your bare necessities lingerie drawer. Briefs are sometimes referred to as “granny panties.” However, truth be told, women of all ages wear brief panties because they are comfortable.

When you want to look like you’ve lost five to 10 pounds, shapewear is the solution. Shapewear can smooth back fat, whittle your waist, trim your tummy, eliminate thigh bulges and give you a thin, hourglass figure.

One of the bare necessities of shapewear is the control brief, which is a brief with a built-in tummy panel that slims your midriff. A control brief is a great solution when your jeans feel a little tight.

If you want to look slim from your bust to your thighs, a high-waisted biker short shaper is the answer. Instead of a waistband that cuts into your stomach, this garment features a waistband that extends to just under your bust.

The high-waisted biker short slims you from your torso to your thighs, providing the perfect foundation for a clingy dress that hugs your curves.

Another important shapewear piece is the shaping camisole. This clever garment is designed to look like a typical camisole while secretly shaping and slimming your tummy and back. The shaper camisole is the perfect layering piece.

Looking for a more natural look in the rear area? Try a thong shaper. This shapewear slims your tummy and waist while leaving your buttocks exposed.

With a little planning, you can be prepared for any occasion that comes with your bare necessities lingerie wardrobe!

Jacqueline Wells has been a customer service representative for several lingerie stores and is familiar with more than 180 lingerie brands for the bare necessities of every woman’s wardrobe.

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