The Perfect Bridal Lingerie: Your Key To Your Perfect Honeymoon


Planning a wedding isn’t as easy as one, two, three. Neither is choosing the perfect bridal gown for you. With all the hassle and bustle of wedding preparations, often the not you forget one vital part of your wedding day. Choosing and wearing the perfect lingerie. Bridal lingerie should come in two parts. First, the undergarments you should wear under your wedding dress. Usual favourites are strapless brassieres, long line bras, and push up bras.

Second is the bridal lingerie you should wear on your honeymoon. Your first night as husband and wife should be special. Like your wedding ceremony, you should also give much attention in making your honeymoon count. Make sure to wear the perfect lingerie to leave a pleasurable memory on your special night. Men thrive for visual images and your husband would want to see you in your most flattering and sexy piece on your honeymoon.

You might be wondering what exactly is the perfect bridal lingerie for your honeymoon. Today’s fascination for lingerie has developed a wide array of bridal lingerie brands that cater to all types. From sheers to silks, bridal lingerie have become an important part of the wedding checklist. There are lots of choices to choose from that will perfectly compliment your body type and your sensual mood on your honeymoon. Budget wouldn’t be a problem in finding the perfect bridal lingerie. You can choose from reasonably priced items online or in your local department stores.

Online stores provide good quality and good priced items that suit your taste. Be sure to shop online thoroughly as there are lots of choices. You might be wearing your honeymoon lingerie only once or a couple of times so you wouldn’t want to spend too much on it. But choosing budget friendly lingerie shouldn’t mean you are compromising yourself with lush and comfort. Buy in pairs to save since most stores offer special prices that comes in two.

You can never go wrong with satin. They are stunning and elegant. A lace thong is also a honeymoon favourite. It will surely entice your husband and create a romantic mood for the night. Another bridal lingerie favourite is the corset. Sexy and bustier, corsets immediately create shape, highlighting your assets and curves. Try wearing a red and black duo, the perfect color of seduction, which will leave your husband a pleasurable memory of your most special night.

Baby doll stockings are also sexy worn with corsets. It teases your imagination with a twist of innocence and elegance. Your honeymoon night is your “one night fantasy”. You can play around with your senses and create lasting memories with your husband. That is why it is important that you should look your sexiest on this night. Choose a lingerie that you think would please your husband at the same time will flatter your body.

Your wedding day marks the first day of your life long commitment. Your honeymoon marks your first step to this life long journey. It is best you plan everything ahead, including your bridal lingerie. Just like picking the best bridal gown, you should also make sure that you choose the right undergarment. A perfect bride makes a perfect wedding. With the perfect lingerie underneath that bridal gown, you’re sure to become the perfect lifelong lover.

Emmanuel Barrios writes for Stunning Lingerie, Australia’s top online store for sexy lingerie. Browse and purchase the sexiest bridal lingerie, as well as plus-size lingerie, costumes, and accessories.

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