Understanding Hosiery – What Does Denier Mean?

Although most women wear tights few people actually understand anything about them. Perhaps one of the most confusing things is the denier. Denier simply means the thickness of the tights.

Denier is actually the measure of the density of the weave. This will define how opaque or transparent the tights are. The lower the denier rating is, the thinner the tights will be and the more transparent they will be. The higher the denier score, the thicker the tights will be.

Denier is quoted in numeric values which can be between 3 and 100.

3 – This is the lowest denier you can buy in tights and pantyhose. These are very thin and you can barely notice them. They are very thin and aren’t used that much. Because they are so thin they are very delicate and this means that you need to take even more care over them. Even the tiniest of ladders can render these tights un-wearable.

15 – This is the normal level for tights and is the most common denier. These are thick and can provide a good coverage. These can help to even out skin tones and are also slightly more durable.

30 – These are more opaque and thicker. If you want a darker color of tights then you will find that 30 denier is much better as it provides a better level of cover.

100 – These are the thickest tights available and are opaqu

The thickness or denier of tights that you choose will depend only on your personal preferences. 15 is the most common thickness for tights because it provides adequate coverage without looking too obvious. Thicker tights are better for colors other than natural colors such as dark or bright colors. Thicker tights are also ideally suited for cold winter months.

Do take care with tights with a lower denier. These will be thinner and so much more delicate. You will need to handle thin tights with care because the smallest nick could cause a lot of damage to them. If you are always laddering your tights then you might find it beneficial to choose a thicker pair.

Take some nail varnish with you and a spare pair just in case the worst happens and you do ladder your tights. The nail varnish can be used to paint around the ladder until you manage to change them. The denier is simply the sheerness or thickness of the tights. There are many different deniers available so you just need to choose the best type for your needs.

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