Wearing Lingerie For Fun

Wearing lingerie can be for anyone; men and woman alike. When it comes to wearing lingerie, you do not need a special occasion such as an anniversary, wedding or birthday. There are many other times you can and should wear lingerie.

Wearing lingerie for fun means that you are wearing the lingerie for you-self first and then another person as an afterthought. What this ultimately means is that you can be single and still enjoy lingerie. Below are some ways you can enjoy lingerie whether you are in a relationship or not.

Around the House

Borrowing that you do not have any children, you can wear lingerie around the house. Most lingerie such as camisoles and cami sets are comfortable enough to wear all day if you want. Lounging around the house in sexy lingerie for the morning, afternoon or night can be very relaxing and serves as a great way to relive stress. If you happen to be in a relationship, you will also provide eye-candy for your partner that will more than likely end transitioning out of your lingerie anyway. If you are single, it is an excellent time to feel sexy. Sometimes when we are single, we miss the “sexy” moments that come often times with relationships. Feeling sexy is a necessary part of being a woman; it makes us feel good and boosts our confidence level.

Under Work Clothes

Men and women can both appreciate wearing sexy lingerie under their work clothes. For women, try wearing a sexy corset or cami under your blouse and ultra-sexy panties under your work pants or skirt. You will be amazed at how your day will pan out when you have a sexy little secret under your clothes. Bodystockings, a sexy pair of thigh-hi’s or pantyhose can also make you feel sexy while still remaining subtle.

For men, there are many types of underwear out there that is specifically designed to entice. Many men often times wonder what it would be like to wear different types such as thongs, net boxers and more but never give it a try. Break into the wild side and give it a whirl. You never know, you may love it!


Halloween is possibly one of the most fun times to wear lingerie. In fact, there are many lingerie websites that are dedicated to Halloween costumes when that time of the year comes. Halloween is the time of year when everyone gets to dress up any way they want. There are some very sexy lingerie costumes that work perfectly for what women and men are looking for; especially when going to an adult party.

Even if you do not buy a sexy lingerie costume, you can always pick something sexy up for the after party in the bedroom or even some festive undergarments for your normal daily activities on Halloween day.

The choices are endless! Take charge and get into some sexy lingerie that will be fun and liberating!

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