Aloe Vera Gel For Healing And Rejuvenating Skin

Aloe vera gel is an excellent herbal remedy for the skin. It is the most commonly used preparation from the plant itself. Herbalists have always liked to use the gel as a first aid for sunburn, wounds, and burns. From a long time ago, Romans and Greeks used the aloe gel to treat wounds received in battle. During the Middle Ages, aloe vera gel was used primarily as a purgative. In India, the aloe vera gel is used as a cooling tonic. In Ayurvedic medicine, aloe vera is used for excessive pitta (fire element). During the 16th century, aloe made it to the West Indies, where it was harvested as a crop.

Aloe vera gel helps in very dry skin and is useful in treating ringworm and other fungal infections.
You can use aloe vera gel on mouth ulcers as well. In fact, research studies have found that aloe
vera gel to be a promising treatment for breast cancer, liver cancer, and HIV. The gel is also
very well known for anti-aging and rejuvenating properties for the skin and is used in many anti-aging skin preparations.

The aloe vera plant originated from Africa but it is now harvested around the world. The leaves
and seeds are the two edible parts of Aloe Vera. The gel is usually described as moist, cool, bitter, and salty, while the leaves are said to be bitter, moist, and hot. Aloe vera’s properties are that it is a healing and purgative herb. It has also been known to help reduce blood sugar, increase bile flow, expel worms and lower cholesterol.

The aloe vera leaves are useful for other conditions, although they are not commonly used. They are a very strong purgative and can be prepared to help treat constipation that is very severe. Digestion is made more efficient and appetite may be increased by using the leaves of the aloe vera plant.

Aloe vera can be grown indoors in most climates. It is a very practical herb, since it can be used
for several different purposes. To use as a herbal home remedy, simply split the leaf of the plant
and squeeze out the gel. You can also use the gel from several split leaves to make an ointment. Use a steam inhalation that includes aloe for congestions. A tincture can also be made from the leaves to help stimulate appetite.

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