Artificial Skin Pigmentation – Self Tanning Lotions Are They Good For The Skin?

I feel that there is a debate to be had here as to the credibility self tanning lotions.
I would like to speak a little about what I think people of today are not aware of in the battle against anti aging. People have a shorter skin life.

Especially in Britain because of there whole outlook on skin care, and that does not help with the amount of tanning shops available.

It is a well known fact that tanning moisturizers give that streaky appearance to skin, and also give that dry feel. In my opinion the best way to tackle the problem is to use natural products. Although you might not find them in some tanning lotions, for me the best tanning of the skin has to be the sun. Natural ingredients are key to the success of anti-aging of the skin. The best way to deal with tanning moisturizer is to cleanse skin thoroughly before hand, water is a good cleansing agent.

In my opinion the best way to practice good skin care, is to use natural soaps preferable aromatherapy based soaps, or soaps that have fresh fruit and floral properties. Coco butter is a great ingredient to look for in natural soaps. Sugar scrubs are excellent for the exfoliation process and that is why I recommend that you use this product. It is great for re-vitalizing the skin and clearing all dead skin from the body.

The third tip I’m going to give you, is to cleanse your body with facial or bodily cleanser such as body butters, facial cleansers like nivea is a great example of the sort of product I’m talking about. If you follow these three main procedures before using any sort of tanning lotion the results will speak for them self. You will be rid of that streaky dry look we all want to avoid, and there we are dekannwarri three tips about great skin care.

By Andrew Dekannwarri


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