Cracked Corner on the Mouth Or Angular Cheilitis – No One Wants to Kiss You!


Angular Chelitis also spelled Cheilitis is more commonly called Cracked Corner Of Mouth. It is a persistent fungal bacterial infection characterized by harsh redness and crusty sores at the corners of the mouth. The lip lesions or ulcers appear as red angry-looking deep splits in the corners of the lips and mouth. Flare-ups can last weeks, months or even years.

The ulcers, splits, or cracks in the corners of the mouth temporarily seal over only to be reopened by eating, drinking, smiling, talking, laughing or God forbid kissing. These are all just everyday activities that we all enjoy and take for granted, but to the victim of Angular Cheilitis, they are dreaded activities.

It is easy to see why the sufferer becomes self-conscious, inhibited, withdrawn and quiet. His whole personality begins to change as social interaction becomes uncomfortable, even impossible.

He avoids any activity that would bring him into contact with others and he particularly avoids activities and interactions with the opposite sex. He doesn’t even dream about kissing or being kissed anymore.

The affliction is painful and affects virtually every area of the sufferer’s life. The condition literally takes over its victim’s life. While most diseases can be hidden by clothing or occur within the body, these embarrassing, ugly, red, raw, crusty splits are right on the lips, right on the face, right where the whole world can see them.

Cracked Corner Of Mouth can be accurately described as a VISUAL HANDICAP! The sufferer begins to see himself as two huge red, angry, crusty ulcers. When he walks out his front door, he imagines that everyone is staring at him and often they are.

While the affliction is not contagious, to the uneducated it certainly looks like it could be. No one wants to kiss someone with Angular Cheilitis. People do stare and make all kinds of ignorant assumptions about the sufferer. People assume that he is unclean, that he drools, that he has herpes, or that he has Aids or Syphilis.

Fortunately, now there is an all-natural cure for Angular Cheilitis. It was discovered and perfected by a father whose teenage son suffered with the condition for three straight miserable years. This loving father developed a guaranteed, 3-hour treatment for Cracked Corner Of Mouth. The simple treatment kills the bacteria responsible for the persistent infection by isolating the bacteria in a waterless environment.

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