Does Tanning Combat Vitamin D Deficiency?

“You probably know that you need Vitamin D to have a healthy body. Almost everyone has seen milk that is fortified with Vitamin D and you have to assume that’s something that your body needs since “milk does your body right”. But did you know that milk alone is not able to give you the significant amount of Vitamin D that your body needs? More importantly, did you know that sun tanning can actually help to combat a Vitamin D deficiency?

It’s true. You see, Vitamin D is sometimes called “the sunshine vitamin” because it is stimulated in our bodies when we are out in the sunshine. More specifically, the UV rays that are emanated by the sun help to give our bodies the Vitamin D that we need. But the reality of our lives these days is that we often aren’t in the sun enough. We’re indoors, in climate controlled environments, primarily sitting at our computers. We go outside only briefly and often stay at the office until long after the sun has gone down. And while that’s great for the productivity of our society, it’s not so great for our bodies. By not getting the sunshine that we need, we deprive our bodies of the right amount of Vitamin D.

Without the Vitamin D that we need, we can suffer a number of problems. Vitamin D helps to regulate cholesterol which in turn helps to make the heart healthier and more efficient. Vitamin D is also critical to calcium density and bone growth. Vitamin D also helps with mood disorders, specifically combating depression. And Vitamin D has been shown to help with other things ranging from weight loss to cancer prevention. So it’s obviously important that we’re getting enough of it, and taking our vitamins isn’t enough. If you aren’t out in the sun on a regular basis, you need to go those UV rays from somewhere else.

Tanning, whether out in the sun or indoors, can give you the UV rays you need to combat a Vitamin D deficiency. According to The Indoor Tanning Association, the average person needs approximately 1000 IU/day of Vitamin D. This amount can be obtained through moderate UV exposure in a tanning salon. Alternatively, of course, you can tan outdoors to get the rays directly from the sun. In either case, you should be sure to use the right tanning lotions and get the right amount of exposure to avoid burning the skin and causing problems to your health. After all, you’re trying to get healthier, not harm yourself!

Tanning is one of the best ways of combating a Vitamin D deficiency but to get the best effects, you should tan in addition to take other measures to improve your Vitamin D levels. Vitamin supplements, milk, and salmon can all be added to the diet to improve Vitamin D. Additionally, taking care of your skin with lotions, exfoliants and moisturizers will help to maximize the effects of exposure to sun rays. And finally, maintaining overall good health and exercise habits will help you to get the most out of your Vitamin D absorption. “

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