Eczema Skin Care- Get Better Skin Now With 5 Easy Tips

If you suffer with Eczema, skin care practices can be the difference between leading a normal life and living a painful, itchy existence. Most eczema sufferers are not aware of the difference they can make in their lives by following just a few simple guides and practices-why not improve your life with these tips?

When you suffer from Eczema, there’s more to skin care than creams and lotions! Your diet has a huge effect on your skin and how it is made up, how it regenerates etc, and so eating the wrong foods can be like waiving a red rag at the Eczema bull! It’s been proving that foods that are high in acid content can increase Eczema levels by making your skin more prone to irritation. You can avoid this altogether by avoiding acidy foods, or neutralise that acid by taking alkali supplements.

At least twice a day, after bathing or showering! A key to Eczema skin care is keeping your skin flexible, and skin is only flexible when it has enough moisture content. You may even want to take things a step further and use an emollient-this is like a moisturiser, but also contains fat. If you apply it to damp skin after bathing or showering the fat will seal the moisture into your skin and stop it from escaping the way it would naturally.

It’s important to protect your skin from ALL irritants, as much as you can. It’s easy for a simple itch to snowball out of control, so it’s always best to stomp those snowballs when they are small! Avoid using perfumes or scent of any kind, avoid scented soaps and toiletries and also try and find a natural washing detergent which has no scent or irritants-nothing will set off your Eczema more than a garment washed in perfume rubbing against your skin all day!

Believe it or not, Blueberries are an excellent weapon against the onslaught of Eczema. Skin care experts have discovered that Blueberry leaves contain a form of Chlorogenic Acid, which acts as an anti-Microbial agent. Now this may not mean much to you or I, but suffice to say it will reduce the swelling and get rid of the itching in affected areas. You can find blueberry extract at your local healthy food type store.

As you’ve seen, it’s not rocket science to achieve some degree of relief when you are suffering from Eczema. All it takes is a little dedication and research. If you would like to take things further and get rid of the Eczema altogether, please visit the links below.

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