How To Get Rid Of An Infected Ingrown Hair

When an ingrown hair becomes infected it becomes an itchy oozing mess. The ingrown hair becomes inflamed and a pustule forms causing discomfort and embarrassment. You can get rid of your ingrown hair problem before it gets any worse.

An ingrown hair can form anywhere we shave. The hair is usually cut too short, it then starts to grow back into the side of the hair follicle. It’s now an angry red bump that can drive you to distraction. If it becomes irritated or inflamed with bacteria you get an infected ingrown hair. You can get rid of an infected ingrown hair by following these simple steps.

First, make sure the area around the ingrown hair is clean, wash or bathe, so you won’t re-infect the area. Bacteria is always present on your skin.

Second,use a clean wash cloth, and soak it in almost hot water. Apply the wash cloth to the area for a few minutes to moisten the skin and loosen the ingrown hair. Heat and moisture will usually cause the hair to rise to the surface. Check to see if the hair is visible. If not, repeat using the wash cloth until the hair is free.

Third, using tweezers or a pin lift the trapped hair out of the follicle. You can also pluck the hair out gripping it close to the skin. Some fellow sufferers say this can lead to scarring, I have not experienced this.

Fourth, dab the area with hydrogen peroxide to prevent infection. If the pus oozes out, clean with a tissue, and apply hydrogen peroxide.

Fifth, if the area is prone to chaffing, cover with a bandaid. Re-apply hydrogen peroxide twice a day.

The infected ingrown hair should clear up in a few days. If the infected ingrown hair is deep, you can use an antiseptic cream like, Cortaid, as it keeps the area moist. If the the infected ingrown hair does not start to heal in three days it’s time to dermatologist.

Dirk Bristol is an ex-ingrown hair sufferer. The information provided at his web site is real world advice.

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