How To Get Rid Of Skin Tag Problems

There are several methods on how to get rid of skin tag growths.
First of all lets define just what a skin tag is. A skin tag is nothing more than a soft skin colored growth hanging from a stalk. Skin tags are not usually dangerous, but they look bad.

Most people want to remove their skin tags for cosmetic reasons. However, depending upon where your skin tags are located on your body, they may become painful if rubbed by clothing.

Skin tags are not caused by health problems, they just appear gradually as we get older. This doesn’t mean that younger people don’t get them, sometimes we develop them at an early age.

By and large though it is a condition that usually happens as we get older and for some reason they are more common to women. Skin tags tend to run in families too. In addition they may develop during pregnancy for some women. Unfortunately there isn’t a way to prevent skin tags.

Removal of skin tags:

Skin tags are not usually removed unless they are becoming painful from the rubbing of clothing or jewelry and or just because they are just plain ugly.

Skin tags may be removed at your doctors office by cutting them off with a sharp instrument, freezing them off, burning or by electrolysis. Removal of your skin tags will run you about $125.00 at the doctor’s office.

No only that but there is no guarantee that the skin tags won’t come back, so you may end up going back over and over to rid yourself of skin tags. Every time you go back it is another charge. It could cost you hundreds or even thousand of dollars over time.

Most insurance companies won’t pay for skin tag removal because it is considered non-essential cosmetic surgery.

If none of this sounds like something you would want to do, there are other ways to accomplish removal of your skin tags.

There is a really easy and cheap way to remove your skin tags yourself. Removal involves the use of a botanical called bloodroot
This medicinal plant was used by the American Indians and later the settlers to remove growths from their skin. In fact some of the compounds that are sold for this purpose contain bloodroot.

There are some risks in using this botanical without proper knowledge, so don’t try it without getting the right information.

In Conclusion

You now have alternatives to consider when you decide to remove those skin tags. Whether you decide to go to your doctor or tackle the job yourself, you know how to get rid of skin tag blemishes once and for all.

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