How to Have a Younger Looking Skin

Everyday we read beauty articles on magazines on how to take care of our skin and look years younger. Well, I couldn’t say it enough how important it is to wear your SPF moisturizer before you go out in the morning. They are many sun protection creams with helioplex broad spectrum UVA and UVB. Other ingredients are also important in a sunscreen. Look for Titanium Dioxide and Parsol which these products do not allow the rays of the sun to penetrate the skin. These types of sunblock provide superior coverage.

Alpha hydroxy creams – acids found in fruit and milk are also good for helping to smooth out fine wrinkles and crows feet around the eye area and help to combat the signs of aging. They do help the outer layer of the skin to shed built-up dead cells, which helps the appearance of skin and allows a healthier skin cells to the surface. It is also known that AHA and BRA can stimulate the production of collagen, which also has benefit. For women who had experienced menopause and they are much older (over 70 years of age)AHA acids might be too irritating because the skin has become too fragile. So these dead skin cells on the skin might be very much needed.

You should also use a mild exfoliant after the use of Alpha Hydroxy products once or twice a week. This procedure will remove the dead skin cells that sit on the skin and it will feel soft and supple.

For the evening, finish your skincare routine with a hydrating cream with the ingredient hyaluronic acid. Similar to what we naturally produce in our body to keep skin hydrated. This ingredient will help to plum the wrinkles and fine lines on your skin and make you look younger. I also highly recommend to stop smoking,drink in moderation, stop baking in the sun or tanning salons and begin an exercise routine!

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