Is The Size And Shape Of My Body Causing Me To Get Cellulite?


For some reason the word cellulite is a dreaded word. It is a word that is feared amongst many women. This fear is due to a world that is very image conscious and one where magazines show celebrities having so called perfect bodies, but in reality such perfection does not exist.

What many people do not actually realise is that the body type of a person could be the reason for a person actually developing cellulite.

Now there are generally three of expressions to describe a body shape. Mainly that of apple shape, pear shape and lastly hourglass. But when it comes to having cellulite then there are four different ways to describe the body.

The first description is that known as android. Here a person will have very broad shoulders and will also be quite well built. Such people are generally seen to be athletes and weight train in order to gain a very muscular top half body.

Next there is the term known as gynaeoid and here the body is curvy with tiny shoulders and a very petite waist and the hips are also quite curvy too. When you put on weight it generally appears on the lower half of the body and this can lead to a very attractive figure. If you have a diet, you probably end up losing weight from parts of the body that do not need any actual weight loss.

Thirdly we have thyroid and here the body has very long arms and legs. If you have this body type then you seem to have a tendency to miss meals, crave for caffeine as well as cigarettes and you are fortunate that you never seem to actually gain any weight. But on the negative side you do crave sugar and other artificial stimulants and are quite tired a great deal of the time.

Finally we have the body type known as lymphatic and here weight gain is very easy to acquire and because you have a very slow metabolic rate then you are probably much bigger than you want to be.

Being of this body type means that you are at a greater risk of developing a more severe case of cellulite. You will crave dairy goods and you will hate to exercise, and these two factors alone will be a reason for weight gain.

Lymphatic – here weight is quite easily gained all over the body and a very low metabolic rate which is the reason for the easy weight gain. Such people are generally bigger than what they should be.

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