Take Care of Your Precious Feet

Socrates, the ancient Greek philosopher, was the first to admit that “When feet hurt, we hurt all over.” But whether or not you have experienced any type of physical discomfort associated with your feet, you have certainty witnessed people suffering from sore feet and constantly complaining about the swelling or the pain they had to endure. In fact, taking care of your feet and wearing the appropriate shoes in relation to your activities can keep your feet healthy and leave your friend’s ears at rest.

Although some changes in the feet are normal with aging, other changes may indicate serious disorders. The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons recognizes the importance of taking good care of your feet and suggests that all should invest time and effort in feet grooming and careful shoe-buying. As it is estimated that more than 70 percent of all people in the United States will have foot problems at some point during their lifetime, it is of extreme importance to prevent foot pain, disorders, and other foot problems, by performing some simple foot-care practices. Since foot pain is not considered as being a normal feeling, preventing foot pain by exercising and paying attention to the signs they give, can help us keep them healthy and strong for years.

Employ a daily routine for your feet and start by washing them in warm and not hot water. Try not to soak your feet more than ten minutes and dry them well afterwards. Pay special attention to the toes and the skin in-between as cracks and dryness can allow bacteria to grow and increase the risk of infection. Especially if your skin is dry, use a skin lotion that can soften the hard surfaces and help your feet absorb and keep longer the needed hydration. It is of vital importance to always cut your nails straight across and never too short, as these areas can develop fungi that produce rather unpleasant odors apart from destroying the nail itself. Of course change your socks or stockings daily and avoid wearing them when they are too short or tight. Finally, in case your feet are sweaty or are prone to athlete’s foot, use the appropriate powder daily and wear shoes that are made from natural substances, like leather or canvas. Avoid buying shoes made from synthetic materials that are not able to “breath” since the foot problems you suffer from will persist or even develop further.

Because feet spread with age, make sure to measure your feet every time you decide to go shopping for shoes and select to perform such tasks during the evening, as feet swell to their largest by that time of the day. Always check the heels of the shows you are interested in buying so as to ensure that they fit properly and also that the instep does not gape open. Women should know that although high heels may be fashionable or make feet look good they should not be worn for long period of time or while walking long distances. Cramped toes and bad body posture are usually the outcomes of badly selected shoe-heels. When shopping for your precious feet, always remember that comfort and function have to come before style.

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