Using Essential Oils For Getting a Great Looking Skin

How many times have you seen ‘essential oils’ listed on the beauty products but apart from knowing that they seemed natural, did not know what they actually are?

They are usually not oils!

Yes, it is a liquid that is distilled using steam or water from the plants. Leaves, roots, stem, bark, flowers are all used and these distilled liquids or essential oils are generally transparent and clear. However, some essential oils derived from orange, lemongrass and patchouli may be colored yellow. They are the real essence of the plant from which they are extracted. These oils are volatile and also highly concentrated and come in small bottle packs. They readily evaporate, leaving no oily feeling or residue. As a base for aromatherapy and for each treatment, there is a specified fragrance of essential oil that is used.

Aromatherapy uses blends of oils which are available and may work better than single aromatic oil. Understanding how aromatherapy works with essential oil is important. Vaporization of these oils creates different moods and gives the whole place a beautiful ambience along with a soothing fragrance. The right way to vaporize aromatherapy oils are by oil burners, light bulb rings and last but not the least, aroma stone vaporizers.

Aromatherapy is known to have eliminated diseases but usually it is used to remove aches, joint pains, improving sleep, and stress relief, congestion clearing, eliminating headaches and lowering blood pressure. There is a difference between essential oil and perfumed oils, as only essential oils are pure and natural while perfumed oils have synthetic fragrance, which are artificially created to mimic natural fragrance and do not have healing energies.

A lot of psychological and physical relief is achieved with the aromatic oils which is either inhaled or diluted and applied on the body and absorption is very fast. These are also used as therapeutic oils to eliminate skin problems but should not ever be applied directly as they are highly concentrated and could cause itching and burning sensations. For skin care benefits, apply it after diluting it in almond oil, apricot oil, olive oil or other pure natural oil bases. You will feel the difference in the texture of your skin after a few applications of natural aromatic oils.

While buying these oils be careful about their quality. Essential oils prices vary depending on the basis of availability and quality. Pricing is done on the basis of plant availability, country of origin, quality standardization of distilling and the amount of oil derived from the plant. If all such oils seem to be priced similar, they are not pure oils. Awareness is important when your skin care is at stake!

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