3 Reasons You Should Not Take Vitamins – Do They Hold Water?

You’ve probably read many articles telling you why you should take vitamins. You know, the normal stuff about nutrition depletion in food, how the FDA now recommends that you take vitamins, bad farming methods, etc, etc.

But this article is not going to be about that. I want to go over 3 reasons that you might not want to take vitamins, and answer each objection.

First of all, vitamins can be expensive. Some are not, but some are. You could spend anywhere from ten dollars to hundreds of dollars a month on vitamin supplements. But is cost really the issue? I don’t think so! The real issue is a cost-vs-benefit ratio. An expensive vitamin that gives you benefits is better than a cheap one that doesn’t. So the real answer to the cost of vitamins is finding the product(s) that gives you the best results for your money.

Secondly, vitamin supplements don’t work. They don’t improve your health. Well, at least that is what some people would like you to believe. The truth is that some or perhaps even many supplements don’t work. But there are also many vitamin supplements that do work. The key is to do your research, so you can find and use the products that work!

Thirdly, your doctor either doesn’t recommend that you use a vitamin supplement, or your doctor can’t tell you which to use. Well, that is not uncommon. To put it plainly, most doctors are far from experts in nutrition. Even the best doctors often know little about nutrition. If you need help choosing a vitamin product, get help from someone who is an expert in nutrition – such as a naturopath or nutritionist.

The truth is, there is no good reason you shouldn’t be taking a vitamin supplement – so if you aren’t taking one already, start today!

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