Arthritis Sufferers: Are You Tired Of Drugs With Endless Health Risks – Now There May Be Hope

Arthritis sufferers are you tired of drugs with endless health risks
Now there may be hope.

The pharmaceutical industry has many different types of drugs that
simply mask the symptoms or decrease the pain for a short period of
time. Research is under way to develop different types of drugs that
could actually inhibit the inflammatory process. But as with any
drug, there comes a variety of side effects and un-want-ables. Of
course, you could just take pain killers to relieve the pain, but
once again this is simply masking and not preventing or curing the

These NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatories) do come with a
price. When taken in higher doses they cause liver damage & kidney
failure. As another matter of fact, long term use of NSAIDs cause
over 20,000 deaths in the USA annually. In addition to this, over
121,000 North Americans are hospitalized each year from side effects
such as gastrointestinal complications (bleeding, nausea, vomiting),
liver damage, stomach ulcers, immune system depression, mental confusion
and finally kidney failure. Some of the more famous advertised arthritic
drugs, have more side effects than letters in the Greek alphabet.
This is just what we need, to mask one pain and come up with 10 other
aliments that are side effects to these dangerous drugs.

But now there may be hope, and it’s called Kre-Celazine, This double
patented supplement is one of the most research and safest supplements
on the market today.

Kre-Celazine is multi functioning, which is one of the unique things
on why this compound is so effective.

Part 1: Kre-CelazineR enhances the cell membrane and its integrity for
efficient functionality. Kre-Celazine also plays a roll in suppressing
inflammatory cell function, decreasing cartilage breakdown, and triggering
of cell death.

Part 2: The esterified fatty acids in Kre-Celazine have been bonded with
Kre-Alkalyn (US Patent 6,399,661). Studies have shown that Kre-Alkalyn
relieves joint pain & inflammation. Remember intense exercise causes
inflammation to the muscles. Too much training and too little rest
can produce excessive amounts of inflammation that lead to tissue
deterioration, impaired immunity and serious overtraining.

Part 3: Research has shown that using Kre-Celazine containing Kre-Alkalyn
reduces cellular damage and the inflammatory response after

Part 4: One of the key effects that Kre-Celazine has on the body
is its Alkalizing Effects. When considering the many components that
make up our health, few things are more important in the body than
having the proper pH or alkaline/acid balance.

This is just a few of the amazing benefits of Kre-Celazine has on joint
pain and inflammation, not to mention the body.

Kre-Celazine is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Chad Williams is partner and webmaster of Elite Delivery Technologies.

And has been researching products for over 12 years to find the safest

and most effective supplements out there today.


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