Bitter Orange – Does This Weight Loss Supplement Really Work?

The dietary supplement business is a currently a huge, fast growing industry. It seems hard to believe, but in 2004, 18.9% of Americans reported that during the previous year they had taken at least one dietary supplement.

For what reason? The most popular one reported was the improvement of overall health and general well being.

How much money is spent? In 2001 alone, Americans spent $4.7 billion on sports/energy/weight loss supplements. Incredible.

Perhaps you have also been buying supplements as a way to help you lose weight.

Have you succumbed to those promises that make it sound so easy?

You know the ones…

* Advanced appetite suppressant, metabolism booster, fat burner and energy enhancer… all in one (who wouldn’t go for that?)

* Lose up to 20 pounds in 30 days. Doctor recommended, 100% guaranteed

* Causes rapid and substantial weight loss

* Lose 20 pounds in 20 days!

* Worlds Strongest Fat Burner …

Perhaps you have been contemplating taking a weight loss supplement…which to choose among the many available?

One that is found as a stand alone supplement and also as an ingredient in formulated products, Bitter orange has been heralded as the next ephedra of weight loss supplements. There are several chemicals contained in bitter orange that appear to work similarly to ephedrine, an active ingredient in ephedra. One of these, synephrine, is a stimulant that may cause high blood pressure and abnormal heart rhythms, leading to stroke, heart attack and perhaps even death. These risks are increased when bitter orange is taken with other stimulants such as caffeine and decongestants.

Most preparations of bitter orange are made from the concentrated extract of the orange peel, and contain 1 – 6% synephrine, but this may vary as much as 30% or more depending on what part of the plant and what type of processing method is used.

There is also evidence that the active ingredients in bitter orange may interfere with the body’s metabolism of certain drugs, resulting in toxicity.

Some animal studies have found bitter orange to be useful for weight loss, but so far human studies have not substantiated this. There seems to be some indication that bitter orange affects metabolism.

Bitter orange is a common ingredient in body building supplements, even though it is on the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) banned supplements list.

Bottom Line: The risks associated with the use of bitter orange definitely outweigh any possible benefits. There is no evidence that bitter orange is any safer than ephedra. This one is better left alone!

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