Calcium Is Robbing Us Now-Why Is That So?

We all know that whether we are old, young, or newborn, we all need certain amount of calcium. Research has shown calcium is very important to our body. Calcium is essential for healthy bones and teeth.

We all have heard from our parents, doctors and even TV commercials that calcium is important to us. What they have not told us though is that when do we get enough calcium for our bones, as a matter of fact, our bones need calcium, but to be literally robbed of it? That is scary!

What is calcium?

This is a type of mineral that helps in our muscle and nerves developments and to function properly. It’s mandatory that we have it. We don’t get to choose. When we don’t have enough, and most of us don’t, it will be taken from our bones. That part is actually the normal process.

What get us into trouble?

It’s what happens next that gets us in trouble. The calcium we take in is supposed to go replace that calcium that was just taken out of our bones. So if we do not take enough in, we literally lose bone. That’s why we should take the calcium vitamin supplement if we’re not able to eat enough calcium rich foods every day.

How we lose calcium?

We also lose this mineral every day in skin cells that fall off by sweating and it’s in our urine. This happens day in, day out. So what we have got to do is put it back every day.
Those who take supplements probably take the vitamin supplement calcium more than anything else because we all lose it and it’s not as easy to get it back as it is say, vitamin C. No one should be deficient in vitamin C.

What are the foods that have calcium?

There are a lot of foods that contain calcium. We know that milk does. Low-fat milk and whole milk have calcium. Cheese and dairy products have calcium. So do green, leafy vegetables. The problem is as adults we need between 1000-1300 mg a day.

How much are we losing?

According to studies, we’re losing some 400-500 mg a day so we can’t afford to skip one day. If we make the effort, we can eat enough calcium rich foods but if we don’t do that, we need to take the vitamin supplement calcium stuff.

We have seen how a little old lady with osteoporosis bent over during the TV commercial, and telling us to drink milk, eat cheese and take the vitamin supplement calcium.

This makes sense why the poor little old lady looks like that when you realize that our bodies will not take no for an answer. Our bodies know exactly where to go to get the calcium it needs and that is exactly what it does by robbing our bones. It’s up to us to put it back.

However, it is comical in a pitiful way that when we come home and found that we had been robbed and the police called us and said, “Great, I have good news for you, we found your stuff!”

How long would it take us to say, “Alright!” “I’ll be right down to get it.” Then we would go get our stuff and take it home and put it back. Right?

What have been robbed is just calcium vitamin health products and we have to replaced it as fast as it is robbing day in, day out.

Besides knowing who robbed us of our calcium and why is it important to take calcium vitamin supplements, having said that, this should give you another choice of health supplements thus should enable your health to get a good booster. Before you are going to consume any calcium health products, you need to first consult your physician.

However, many people sometimes tend to take calcium vitamin supplements for granted as that are many types of good calcium vitamin supplements, but having the right knowledge to use the right type of vitamin supplements to the max for various kinds of chronic of illnesses is crucial.

Therefore, without a proper understanding of using various kinds of health supplements to treat various anxiety and anger management system, there will not be much free lifestyle to hope for.

Apply this effective tips together with an thorough understanding of vitamin health food is important so that you enjoy your life once again.

Eddy K Elgin is the author of the 17 Minutes Vitamin Supplements Tips and Resource. Drop by at vitamin supplement calcium stuff [] for more details.

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