Hoodia – The Amazing Anti-Appetite Drug

Hoodia has been claimed as a thirst-quenching and appetite-suppressing wonder herb by the age-old African hunter tribes. They are regular users of the herb and have taken it during long hunting expeditions. The thorny herb belongs to the family of cactus. Hoodia; however, received enormous attention by the researchers and is touted for its great appetite-killing properties. Although there are about 13 other Hoodia species, it is only in Hoodia gordonii that the researchers found the active ingredient to stunt appetite. The drug stimulates the hypothalamus of the brain to send a signal of satisfaction before one could finish the meal. The chemical, a steroidal glycoside p57, is being extracted from the pale purple flowers of the herb and is sold in different forms for consumption such as capsules, powder, liquid formulation or as tea, by several pharmaceutical behemoths, at several health food stores. Noteworthy is that the herb flowers after 5 years of planting and only then it becomes ready for harvesting. For its amazing properties, no wonder in a short time the Hoodia diet pills have become the most powerful weapons in the hands of a dietician who wages war against excess fat.

The Hoodia diet pills have become an instant hit and it seems to offer definitely a ray of hope for all those who have been trying hard to shed that extra flab. The product received great public acceptance and it penetrated into public faster due to media hype that many celebrity personalities are counting on Hoodia diet pills to fend off the weight gain.

Today the diet industry is placed at approximately one billion dollars. Changing lifestyle and affinity for junk and empty calorie foods only made people obese, which means the diet industry is expected to grow faster than expected in the years to come. In the early 60s, the drug was tried and tested on lab animals and it proved to be very effective. For instance, when morbidly obese rats were given the drug it worked wonders by reducing the weight of obese rats and with no adverse side effects. It should be noted that there was some mild changes in the blood pressure levels of these treated rats. In an experiment on human beings in England people who are given the extract of Hoodia gordonii seemed to show reduced calorie intake much lower than the ones who were placed on placebo. In all, the tested people were allowed to read books, eat, and watch television and sleep with no amount of exercise whatsoever. The end of the trial which lasted for 15 days time period has shown amazing results of stunted calorie intake to the tune of 1 kcal per day when the mean diet was about 2 kcal and the figure is astonishing. Several companies are trying to develop a synthetic version of this p57 molecule, however, this involved high cost and also making it practically difficult to mass scale the production of the synthetic variant of this drug. The all-natural Hoodia diet pills are demanding more space on the racks of health-food malls across many countries in Europe as well as US owing to its great benefits and almost minimal to no adverse effects. However, the drug is recommended along with a balanced diet and also good exercise to realize the maximum benefits from the drug.Hoodia diet pills are a great option for all prospective weight loss programs since it is completely natural and safe-to-use product. However, the caution is that it has to be judiciously recommended to a person suffering from eating disorders, especially the anorexia nervosa. Furthermore, it should not be used to treat obese children, pregnant women and breast-feeding moms. The use of Hoodia is also warned for diabetes patients as the calorie intake with Hoodia diet pills may alter the body capacity to produce insulin.The must-follow precaution is not to overdose with the diet pills and do not take these for a prolonged period of time unless advised by your medical practitioner because the health risks of any weight loss pills will increase manifold with the length of its use.

It should also be remembered that purity of drug is very important. Because of increased demand for the Hoodia diet pills, several rip-off products are flooded into the market. So make sure that the product you buy has been certified by an accredited agency for its purity.

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