Learn About the Best Green Tea – Capsules of Green Tea

Green tea can come in a form known as capsules of green tea that are often sold as green tea pills.
This means that the manufacturers of green tea supplements can create higher potency products for those consumers who want them.

Let’s take a further look; some capsules of green tea (the capsules we ourselves here personally take) can give you the same effect of having to drink numerous cups of green tea throughout the day. This leaves you with the same therapeutic benefits as drinking the tea, without the unwanted caffeine side effects, and also, without the hassle of drinking many cups of green tea daily.

To conclude, consuming capsules of green tea is a fast and practical way of getting the health benefits of green tea concentrate without having to drink the tea itself all day long, which can be unwanted hassle, and people would get sick and would simply stop drinking the tea.

Studies are still undergoing for green tea, however, an important study discovered that green tea extract is an antioxidant 100 times more powerful than Vitamin C, and over twenty times more so than Vitamin E.

Green tea is also showing potential promise as an anti-cancer agent and may help lower bad (LDL) cholesterol levels.

On a negative note however, green tea does indeed contain caffeine, which can give people unwanted side effects and large amounts of caffeine is not the best for your health.
This is why some supplement manufacturers of green tea produce caffeine free green tea in the form of capsules of green tea that give the same benefits without the side effects of caffeine.

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