Atkins Diet – Is it Real Or Not?

During the 21st century, the Atkins diet has become a huge fame among the diet industry. The Atkins diet was created and publicized by Dr. Robert Atkins. The diet claims that it is the best way to see good weight loss results. In 2003 and 2004, it was reported that almost 10 percent of American adults are using the Atkins diet. However, the success of the diet was affected by the rise and fall of the company associated with it.

Of course, the Atkins diet also has its pros and cons; it quickly became popular but controversies also rose with it. Some organizations had doubted the powers of the diet. It has even been labeled as dangerous to the public health due to the increase rate of people having heart disease while in the program.

But the supporters of this diet continued their praise. They claim that objections raised by others against the Atkins diet were merely based on misconceptions and faulty assumptions. Though both parties state their position in this issue, no conclusion has been made up to now.

The principles of Atkins diet:

The Atkins diet is based on the dietary theory of having a low carb, high fat and high protein diet. This diet gained the interest of many dieters because of its unorthodox diet plan.

The Atkins diet consists of several stages. The first stage is known as the Induction stage. This stage implies fewer intakes of foods high in carbohydrates. On the other hand, meats and fish are allowed which gained some objections because these foods are rich in fat and protein. As with the succeeding stages, the intake of carbs changes and varies significantly.

Atkins states that most dieters achieve weight loss during the first stage of the program but opponents say that most diet plan results during the start of the diet are just common and should be pointed to the water loss rather than the efficiency of the diet.

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