Cabbage Soup Diet Recipes With 7 Day Diet Plans

Cabbage soup diet plan allows you to lose 11 pounds per first week and during the diet you won’t feel hunger – because the total amount of food is not limited.

The main course of this diet plan is cabbage soup. You can find a lot of different cabbage soup diet recipes and all of them work very well. There is only one difference in spices and the quantity of cabbage in it. Here is my recipe with a one week diet plan:

500 g of white cabbage;
170 g of carrots;
170 g of celery;
150 g of white onions;
150 g of green onions;
300 g of cauliflower;
300 g of tomatoes;
20 g of fresh garlic;
0.2 litre mashed peeled tomatoes;
0.1 litres of olive oil;
1.5 litres of water;
2 cubes of vegetable broth;
1 tablespoon of mashed coriander;
1 tablespoon of chopped cumin;
1 tablespoon of curry powder;
2 dried red pepper;
2 bay leaves;
1 teaspoon of soy sauce;
a bit of fresh ginger;

Mix all with water. Add coriander, cubes, bay leaves, finely chopped pepper and the remaining spices from the recipe. Cook soup until vegetables boiled.

It is allowed to eat as much soup as you want, there is no limit. You can add to soup the following products (in any amount, unless expressly stated):

1-Day: any fruit except bananas.
2-Day: green vegetables. For dinner – a boiled potato with butter.
3-Day: fruits and vegetables, but without potatoes.
4-Day: fat-free or low fat milk and a banana.
5-Day: fish or a piece of chicken breast without skin and 6 tomatoes.
6-Day: chops with a green salad.
7-Day: natural rice with vegetables.

During cabbage soup diet it is necessary to drink much water (non-carbonated) – at least 3 litres per day and tea without sugar. Alcohol is strictly prohibited during this diet

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