Diets – Potassium And Heat – Don’t Slip On A Banana Peel

Anyone living in Florida can tell you that the elderly know everything about eating bananas to fight the heat in July and August. While they are ingesting a food that is high in potassium, they could consume fewer calories with use of pure potassium tablets.

It can be confusing to know whether to take salt or potassium or both. Sodium maintains blood volume and the pressure inside cells. It helps water to be pumped into a cell while potassium helps pump wastes to the outside. However, some people don’t get rid of enough sodium through their urine and causing the body to retain water. This increases fluid volume in turn causes high blood pressure.

It is recommended that if you are hot and not sweating, take two to three potassium tablets. If you are sweating you must take salt. To remember this, sweat and salt both begin with S’s. “Hot” sounds like “pot” (pot = short for potassium).

If you’re only hot, first take two to three tablets of potassium and not salt. If you don’t feel better within 15 minutes, then salt will be needed. If this doesn’t work, it’s something else. Do not keep taking the salt and potassium if the symptoms aren’t getting better. It’s not one of these things where if a few worked than a lot of them will work even better! Be sure you’re drinking enough water.

Losing potassium while sweating can cause fatigue, decreased mental alertness, problems making decisions and you may even doubt your own memory. Also, the ability to keep on going during a sporting event may be questioned and leg cramps can develop. Lack of potassium can cause sleep problems, joint pains and joint soreness.

Some scientists state that potassium allows a person and their body to have a sensitivity to hot or cold. I feel what they are trying to say is that potassium helps the body thermometer to reset itself during or after an exposure to any type of heat. The elderly know this since they don’t eat too many bananas when they sweat … mainly when they feel hot.

Stay away from air conditioners since when over-exposed to them, your body thermometer can get thrown off. The sweat glands when exposed to air conditioning don’t get much stimulation. The cold air can also decrease the blood flow throughout the body.

The body exposed to warm temperatures allows it to tolerate extreme heat better. Football players in the 1970’s knew this data. They avoided air-conditioned buildings and cars months before football season. They tolerated the extreme heat during summer practice much better than players exposed to air conditioning. Their coaches wouldn’t even let them have air-conditioned cars.

Each individual should judge their own diet of what kinds of foods they consume and experiment with potassium to find works best for them along with their physician. Caution is given if someone has high blood pressure or some other medical condition that does not allow potassium.

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