Does Starvation Diet Help to Lose Weight?

Many people are trying to loose weight and most want to loose the weight very quickly so they will try just about anything. In fact, logic leads many to believe that if eating too much will cause a fat build up in your body then not eating will cause your body to loose the fat. Unfortunately for those that think this way or bodies do not work like that. Starving your self can actually make you gain more weight than you will lose.

If you decide that you want to use a starvation diet as a weapon against your body fat your body does what it is suppose to and reduces your basal metabolic rate. When your BMR is reduced that your body is taking in fewer calories but is actually gaining fat. You body is an amazing thing and when it senses that there could be tough days ahead it will store the fat to be used for energy on the harder days. So instead of losing weight like you want you will gain more weight.

Additionally, if you are not careful and take all the nutrients and minerals that your body needs you can put your body at a serious health risk. So instead using a punishment such as starving, to loose the weight you want at lightening speed you should try other methods. Think of it this weight, you did not put on all that weight in a week or two, it took a while for it to all accumulate. Therefore, you cannot expect to lose all the weight in a week or two. In other words, starving is not the answer.

In order to loose weight you need to boost your metabolism instead of lowering it. If you have a slow metabolism you will feel sluggish but by having a faster metabolism it turns the food you eat into energy that you can use all day. This means that all those calories that are not being used for energy are being stored as fat, which is what makes you gain the weight. So by making your metabolism work faster by eating five to six small meals a day instead of three to four large meals. This will keep your metabolism moving and working like it should.

Did you know that there are some fats that will actually help you lose weight? Conjugated Linoleic Acid is a fat that can help you loose weight, it is found in safflower oils, you can take one or two grams with a meal everyday. You also need to eat an opulent breakfast with lots of fruits and whole grains and of course try to avoid anything fatty or processed. Having a good breakfast will make your body feel full and it will cut out the cravings you may have that could keep you from sticking to a diet.

Basically what you should be getting from this article is that there are alternative ways of losing weight and you should never starve yourself no matter how bad you need or want to loose that extra weight. You may loose a little weight at first when you are on a starvation diet but then your body will start to store the fat and you will gain weight. Additionally, you do not want to end up being very sick and that’s what can happen when you starve yourself.

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