Five Reasons Why Diets Fail

There are five big reasons why diets fail. If you’ve failed with diets before I’m sure you’ll find at least one of these reasons (and probably all five) very familiar.

#1 Hunger

Low calorie diets can leave you feeling very hungry. You’ve often eaten the allotment of your daily calories and still feel very hungry. This is a very uncomfortable situation to be in. Often when you feel very hungry but you have no calories left to eat you either tough it out (which is not a nice experience) or you give in and eat something you aren’t supposed to. When you give in and eat something you’re not supposed to on a diet, it’s usually the beginning of the end. That’s why it’s so important that a diet be “livable.” If it’s not then you will eventually give up. It’s best to choose a diet which doesn’t make you go hungry!

#2 Calorie Counting

Calorie counting is extremely tedious and has the unwelcome side effect of keeping your mind constantly on food all the time! This only makes it much harder to follow your diet long term. I do not believe any calorie counting diet truly works in the long run. One really bad thing with calorie counting is that you end up not changing your eating habits, you just eat less. This isn’t good. It’s better to learn that some foods just shouldn’t be eaten on a regular basis. I believe it’s best to choose a diet which does not require calorie counting.

#3 Cravings

If you are like most people then you get really strong cravings for very bad food from time to time. Perhaps you crave pizza or cheeseburgers. Or maybe you crave brownies or ice cream. Whatever it is that you crave, on many diets (such as Atkins, South Beach, & Zone Diets) you are never allowed to eat these things or you must eat them in very small quantities or in gross low calorie versions (on low calorie diets.) Most people eventually give in to their cravings and then soon go off the diet for good not long after. This is why it’s essential to choose a diet that allows you to take a “day off” from your diet on a regular basis.

#4 Slowing Metabolism

Eating a low amount of calories day after day will inevitably slow your metabolism. Not only will this make it harder for you to lose weight, it will also make it harder for you to keep the weight off even if you do lose the weight. You can truly wreck your body with low calorie diets! It’s important to have an occasional “calorie spike” to keep your metabolism from going into starvation mode. This is another very important reason to choose a diet which includes a “day off” in it’s dieting plan.

#5 Special Events

“Event” days like birthday parties, wedding receptions, and holidays do come up and on those days it’s extremely hard to stick to your diet. In fact it’s on these special event days that many people go off their diet for good. As I mentioned earlier, it’s often very hard to get back on track with a diet once you feel like you have gone off it in the first place. This is another great reason to choose a diet with a “day off” included as part of the plan. This will allow you to stay on your diet but still enjoy these special occasions.

A Diet Which Solves All Five Of These Problems?

Luckily there is now a diet which solves all five of these common dieting problems. It’s called The Day Off Diet. It includes a list of special “green light foods” which can always be eaten until satisfaction.

This solves problem #1 (going hungry.) You never go hungry on this diet.

Problem #2 (calorie counting) is also solved as the diet requires absolutely no counting of calories and no “food diary” of any kind. This keeps your mind off of food, and on your life.

Problem #3 (cravings) is solved because you are allowed to regularly eat whatever you want (you take one “day off” every 7th day. This regular day off allows you to get your cravings out of your system on a regular basis.

Problem #4 (slowing metabolism) is also solved by the “day off.” The diet is specially formulated so that the “day off” keeps the metabolism boosted which means faster weight loss and it makes it easier to keep the weight off once it’s lost.

Problem #5 (special events) is also solved by the “day off.” You can use your “day off” for birthdays, weddings, and holidays!

Lucinda H. Becks recommends The Day Off Diet to lose weight.

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