How Much Weight Will Be Lost on the Atkins Diet?

You may wonder how much weight will be lost on the Atkins Diet if I followed the diet for a month. Before we answer this question, let’s look into some research done on it. In one study of 120 obese adults on Atkins diet, it was reported an average of 26 lbs loss in 12 months as opposed to 13 lbs in another diet program. It seemed to be very pleasing and for many individuals, this is proof of the Atkins diet working.

However, the research was not done to determine whether the weight loss was from fat or muscle tissue. Not knowing the content of the weight loss, it is not convincing to determine that Atkins diet is a healthy weight loss program for the individuals. How much weight will be lost on the Atkins diet is not an important issue if you only want to lose body fat and not just water or muscle tissue. Atkins diet consists of four phases; many people think that they do not need to exercise if they stick to it throughout. Let alone taking supplements to fill nutrients gap. This is not the case and this fallacy must be guarded against. Like many effective diet recipes, exercise is the main contributor to weight loss. How much weight you can lose on the Atkins diet depends on how much exercise you put in alongside the diet.

If you intend to lose 30 pounds in six months, then you probably need to consistently adjust your diet and exercise to work towards your goal. As is many weight loss programs, you will reach a weight loss plateau, which means the weight that you can lose will come to a slow down or stop completely even though it proves to work very well in the beginning. This is due to your body has been adapted to the diet and loses it effectiveness. It is recommended to take up resistance training or at least body weight exercise to achieve healthy weight loss.

There is no point to focus on how much weight will be lost on the Atkins diet or any weight loss programs. It actually depends on the dedication of exercise and correct mindset alongside the effectiveness of the diet. The more intensive the exercise the more body fat will be burned. If you are prepared to focus on these few factors then you are on the way to lose body fat naturally. This is your main goal and this is what you need to know.

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