Is There Really A Right And Wrong Diet?

There are hundreds if not thousands of different diets out today. There are low carb, low fat, no carb, no fat, blood type, abs diet, weight watchers, ediets, food doctor, dr phils diet, herbalife, atkins, and more!

With all those diets, which diet should you REALLY chose?
First, you should figure out what can YOU do without in your current diet?
If you can’t imagine not eating bread or other BAD carbs then you should obviously not chose any diet that lowers or eliminates carbohydrates.

On the other hand, if you cannot do without your meat or candy bars then you can’t follow a diet that lowers or eliminates fats.

You have to do a self analysis of yourself and figure out what will work best for you. When I first started dieting I chose to use the Atkins diet. It was extremely popular at the time and it seemed like EVERYONE was losing weight from it. I bought the book and realized that I could not eat hardly any carbohydrates. It was a diet that focused on constantly eating proteins.
By the 3rd day of the diet I didn’t realize how hard it is to not eat carbohydrates. I started to feel extremely sick and almost at one point vomited. I realized from that point on I just cannot do without carbs.

My brother recommended to me The Food Doctor diet. I signed up on the site and realized it just really focused on counting how many calories you have eaten and gave me food suggestions. I realized that a balanced diet was the way to go for me.

Sean Morganse is a weight loss expert that has been experimenting with different weight loss pills and programs for over ten years. You can visit his informative website for information on diets/pills/exercises at []

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