It’s True – I Eat Fat To Loose Weight

Many people believe that fat is bad and that they have to avoid it at any price. It is true that fat has the most calories and the more fat you eat the more fat you get. But let me tell you that you will benefit more from eating fat during a diet than avoiding fat by all means.

Let me explain. Fat is nothing bad. Your body needs fat together with proteins and carbohydrates. The right balance is the key to a healthy body. If you eat too many proteins you can get fat too. If you eat more than enough carbohydrates you will also get fat.

No reason to be fat-phobic. It is a myth that you become fat from eating fat. I bet you know many thin people who eat fat. I know many of them who eat pizza, hamburger or use oily salad dressing all time. For some reason they do not get fat.

Do not blame the fat. You could even achieve the opposite result when avoiding fat. You could become fat from avoiding fat. How comes?

Yes, fat has plenty of calories but beside the fact that good fat is very healthy it also gives you satiety which you do not have when you avoid fat. Without satiety you tend to eat more than you have to. It is true that many people on diet had more success with their diet after taking bit more fat back into their dietary plan.

So fat is no poison. It is all about the calories. You get fat when you consume more calories than your body needs. It is that easy. Give him less calories he needs you will loose weight. But the key is a well balanced and healthy diet which also includes fat. Otherwise your diet can lead to malnutrition or is just a very unpleasant experience each and every day.

There is no reason to starve. It is even contra-productive. The more you starve the more difficult it is to loose weight because your body switches into emergency mode. This means your body ‘protects’ his fatty assets because he believes there is some kind of emergency situation going on. There are also plenty of fat-soluble vitamins. Another reason not to avoid fat.

Again, the key is a balanced diet without starving including all the foods and nutrients the body needs. How much fat is enough? For the average man about 60 grams a day, for women about 50 grams. About 25% of calories can come from fat, 65% proteins and rest carbohydrates.

When you look for fat then go for ‘good’ fat. Good fat is fat from olive oil for example. It is perfect for making your salad of fresh vegetables or also cooking. If you feel very hungry, add some tasty olive oil and it gives you satiety, Vitamin E and more health benefits than avoiding fat.

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