Low Carb Diet Plan – Treat Your Body Like You Treat Your Car

It simply amazes me.

Everyday I see otherwise smart individuals cramming garbage
into their faces without a single thought about what it’s

doing to their body.

They go out of their way to keep their vehicle in top
running condition by putting in the best gas and engine
additives (to keep the fuel lines clean and prevent gunk
buildup), put in fresh plugs and wires (gotta have decent
pickup!) and wash it every week.

I can completely understand this attitude because a car’s a
major investment and you want to keep it as long as

On the other hand, your body is yours for life! You only get
one. So why would you treat your body with any less respect
than you treat your vehicle? Why wouldn’t you want to put
only the best fuel available into your personal “machine”
to keep it in optimal running condition?

By eating junk food and drinking sugary sodas and fruit
drinks you’re basically telling yourself that you don’t
matter. That your material possessions are more important
than your own health and well being.

Doesn’t it make sense to give yourself the best possible
chance at staying healthy when you’re the one paying the


I have a friend who’s a fairly shrewd business man. He sells
cars on the side to make extra cash and he always makes a
profit. He knows a lot about cars and always keeps his own
vehicles immaculate inside and out.

He’s also risen to the top of his chosen profession of
printing and has a good family life. He’s a winner.

Physically, on the other hand, he’s a different story.

He has high blood pressure which causes his hands to shake
uncontrollably. His family has a history of heart disease.

So what does he choose to eat when it comes time for his
lunch? A candy bar, a muffin and a 20oz. bottle of Mountain
Dew! Wow!

The reason I bring up this particular friend (because I
could use many others as an example of poor diet) is that
he recently had a bout with hemmorhoids which caused him to
alter his diet for the better which included cutting out the
sugary sweets and soda and eating some roughage (Wasa Crisp
crackers was the choice here), more raw veggies and
drinking water instead of soda.

This is the premise behind a true low carb diet plan. Cut
out the simple carbs (sugar and processed foods) and eat

So what did this drastic dietary change result in? An
amazing transformation to say the least. His hands almost
stopped shaking completely (lowered his blood pressure),
his energy increased (no more sugar spikes and crashes) and
he just all around felt better. Oh, and his hemorrhoids got
better too!

Now, you’d think that with all these nearly miraculous turns
in his overall health, he’d stick to what’s working and
reduce his risks of heart disease and other ailments.


As soon as he felt better he went back to his old diet (if
that’s what you want to call it!) and back came the shakes.

I doubt that everyone with bad dietary habits shows such
obvious signs of their effects as my friend does, but rest
assured that your diet is directly affecting your health.

As the old saying goes “Garbage in, garbage out!”

By adopting a low carb diet plan and sticking to it, you
can increase your energy and vitality, lose weight, build
self confidence (because you’ll look and feel better) and
just plain be healthier!

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