No Low Carb Diet Progress? Sleep in to Get Thin!

If your low carb diet is going nowhere, maybe its time to get more sleep. In a paper presented at the North American Association for the Study of Obesity, researchers found that people, who got little sleep, got fat.

Amazingly, people who averaged 6 hours a night, had obesity rates 23% higher than normal. And worse, those who slept only 2-4 hours a night were 73% more likely to be overweight. Low carb dieters and all dieters take notice. Follow your diet to the letter and get more sleep. Beyond that, I don’t care what the TV ads say, you will not see the success you desire unless you follow the plan to the letter and also increase your activity to speed up the calorie burn. Then get the rest you need.

Lack of sleep causes you to gain body weight by activating the hypothalamus in your brain. This in turn produces chemicals that promote hunger. And no low carbohydrate or any other type of diet is going to work properly if you don’t reduce your overall intake of food below what it takes to maintain your current weight. There are several tools around the net to help you find out the correct amount of calories you need to consume to gain, maintain or lose weight and bodyfat.

So the next time you’re rummaging through the refrigerator late at night, and cursing the fact that your low carb dream diet isn’t working the way that Dr. Atkins claimed, maybe your should go back to bed and sleep on it.

You’ll not only feel better, you’ll wake up with the answers to your weight loss dreams.

Shawn Low is a successful writer, low carb enthusiast and now, a regular contributor to the popular website Ford Mustang Enthusiast [], a place for Ford Mustang owners and enthusiasts for information,specs, pictures and videos for every year of Mustang.

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