The Jenny Craig Diet

The Jenny Craig Diet starts with your individual personalized plan. Your current eating habits, activity levels, and personal weight loss goal are reviewed. Your measurements and current weight are also recorded. This information is reviewed and your customized weight loss plan is developed to be most effective for your weight loss goals. The Jenny Craig Diet plan addresses three key aspects for effective weight loss: Food, Body and Mind.

The Jenny Craig Diet creates a healthy relationship between you and your food. You will learn portion control and healthier eating habits. With the proportioned meals, you can eat the foods you love and still lose weight! The smaller, more frequent meals will enable you to eliminate hunger and burn calories more effectively. The Jenny Craig Diet controls cholesterol, sodium, added sugars, and saturated fats. As a Jenny Craig client, you will enjoy a variety of foods, from cheeseburgers to chocolate! You also have access to many delicious and nutritious recipes. This will enable you to turn your cooking habits into HEALTHY cooking habits.

The Jenny Craig Diet emphasizes a healthy lifestyle which includes moderate physical activity. You will have an activity plan that is personalized to your lifestyle and activity level. The Jenny Craig Diet will utilize three activity levels: daily, playing and planned. The three levels will enable you to meet your weight loss goal and keep the weight off. The program will educate you on how to turn the everyday chores, like shopping or the dishes, into a workout. The Jenny Craig Diet plan will also incorporate the healthier cooking techniques and recipes to establish healthy new habits in your everyday life.

The Jenny Craig Diet will offer a personal Jenny Craig Consultant. Your Jenny Craig Consultant will meet with you on a weekly basis and create your individual weight loss plan. Your consultant will motivate you to meet your weight loss goals. The Jenny Craig Consultant will give you the personal attention you and your weight loss goals deserve. Your consultant (and you) will plan your meals and activities for the entire week, all you have to do is cook it!! Your consultant will even order the food for you! Your consultant will create your activity plan, creating a healthy lifestyle and keeping the weight off.

The Jenny Craig Diet is a unique program that adjusts to fit your individual lifestyle. This program is flexible and will fit anyone’s schedule, from the working mom to the teenager to the senior citizen. This program is convenient and private. The food can be delivered right to your door. The Jenny Craig Diet enables you to get the one-on-one motivation you need to meet and exceed your weight loss goals. The Jenny Craig Diet will change your life by incorporating healthy food choices, healthy activities, and healthy new habits.

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