The Miraculous Chicken Soup Diet


The Chicken Soup Diet is a calorie-reduction diet plan. It involves losing weight by sharply reducing the number of calories per day. This diet plan will involve eating much less food than usual, and eating a lot more soup than you usually would.

Summary of the Chicken Soup Diet

Small amount of weight loss or a long term calorie reduction can be achieved by utilizing the Chicken Soup Diet for a short-term (3-5 days). The severe reduction in calories will probably help drop some immediate weight, but staying on the diet past a few days is not advisable. The actual recipe for the chicken soup is quite simple and includes vegetables such as celery, carrots and broccoli. The other ingredients are quite common such as chicken and various types of seasonings.

Breakfasts Choices

On the chicken soup diet you are allowed one breakfast a day. Now you can try a different breakfast every day, and this is the best way because it will give you a good nutritional balance. Since there are only 5 different ones to choose from, for the last two days of the diet, repeat the ones you liked the best. The breakfast dishes are:

Breakfast 1:

o1 cup vanilla nonfat yogurt combined with 1/2 cup chopped fruit salad and sprinkled with wheat germ.

Breakfast 2:

o1 cup ricotta cheese combined with 1/2 teaspoon of sugar and a dash of cinnamon.

o2 pieces wheat-grain bread, toasted

o3 dried figs

Breakfast :

o1 1/2 cups Total cereal

o1/2 cup nonfat milk

o1/2 cup calcium enriched orange juice

Breakfast 4:

o1/2 cup prune juice

o1 small whole-wheat bagel, topped with 1 oz of fat-free cheddar cheese melted.

Breakfast 5:

o1 1/2 cups cooked Wheatena Cereal.

o1/2 cup nonfat milk

Remember, eat one of these breakfast dishes every day and as much of the chicken soup as you want.

Drawbacks of the Chicken Soup Diet

The drawbacks are sort of apparent. Although some people may truly love chicken soup, it’s doubtful that they would want to erect their entire eating plans on it. The basic adaptation of the diet calls for you to eat a breakfast of your choice in the morning, and then to eat only chicken soup after noon.

Side effects

oBecause of non-consumption of carbohydrates, the glucose in the bloodstream becomes too low, causing hypoglycaemia.

oThis can cause a range of symptoms, such as headache, sweatiness, anxiety, irritability and drowsiness.

oHave a sandwich with whole-grain bread, a slice of low-fat cheese and a bit of ham but no butter or margarine. Vegetarians can try a low-fat cheese and tomato sandwich. But only have a maximum of one sandwich per day.

oIf these symptoms occur repeatedly consult your doctor.

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