The Three Day Diet – How Does It Work?


The come in several numbers and in different thoughts. The three day diet. It is dieters favorite term, their perfect option before a big event (i.e; dance, wedding, special event) and it is the “easy” way out of the usual standard of hard core dieting and punishing exercise. The free three day diet is great for the heart and will have you eating food from fish to Kaiser to tuna and mayo.

Cleveland’s Three Day Clinic is widely held as the best in the business of losing weight quickly and their ties with the American Heart Association gives the program the credibility and the reference that they have. Their 72hr diet plan includes plenty of omega three fatty acids (similar to those found in several types of fish) and the diet is often referred to as the Army 3-day diet and the Navy Diet. Menus for this specific weight loss plan can be found free of charge on a variety of websites and each offers a different spin on the diet.

However, obtaining a copy of the free three day diet may not be in your best interests, as many people have come to realize. It has been stated that the association’s diet has led to only temporary weight loss (otherwise known as water weight) which occurs mostly due to a severe cutback in carbohydrates. People who have been on the diet consistently have a similar complaint that their weight has a “yo-yo” effect of jumping from lower weights to higher in just a matter of days.

The diet, as it is also known, has it’s supporters as well as its negative viewers. The people shielding positive light say that the free three day diets help you when you are in desperate need of losing weight before that big date or special anniversary. These people are not consistent dieters but occasional users of the diet plan. I need a copy of the 3-day diet myself! The clinic 3 day diets are sprinkled throughout the country in major cities (check your local listings) and great for learning more about this great diet “secret!”

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